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[15 Dec 2011 | 3 Comments | ]

Hey Robby, I’ve been reading some of your advice and you’re really good. I was
hoping you could help me.
Yesterday was my boyfriend’s and my 11 month celebration. I slept over at his
house and he woke me up angry because he checked his facebook and there was a
message from a girl telling him i had been messing around with her boyfriend. At
first, I denied it and then I told him the truth. He got so angry and hurt and
he was crying and I was crying and the things he said were like stabs but all I
could do was sit there and take it because I really had nothing to say for
myself except for that I was sorry that I did it, and that he found out this
way, and that whether he believed me or not, I loved him and I still do and I
will for a very long time.
I know you’ve heard this all before. But that girl’s boyfriend was actually one
of 4 guys I met on the site, chatroulette. I was talking to them and one thing
led to another and we did basically everything dirty possible that could be done
through skype and email. I did this about a month ago for 2 weeks. (and for the
record, I had no idea that guy had a girlfriend, and i stopped talking to him
when i found out). I honestly don’t know why I did it, an answer which sounded
really bad when my ex asked me why I did it.

Sorry for the long message, but I want someone to give it to me straight. I don’t
think my friends are giving me honest answers. Will he ever forgive me? Will he
consider taking me back? If not, is there anything I can do to help him get over
me? As terrible a thought as it is, even if it means making him hate me more, I
would do anything for him to be happy again, even if it’s not with me.

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[8 Dec 2011 | 4 Comments | ]

Hello Robby,

My name is Laura and I have a question for you.
I’ve learnt a lot through your posts, they were very enlightening, but there are
a couple of things I would like to understand, and I think you’re the expert
that can help me!

I know details can be important so I’ll try my best to be clear but concise!

I met a guy three weeks ago, outside a club. He was with a bunch of his friends,
all new on the island but they spoke our language. My friends and I partied with
them all night. We had a great time but I refused to sleep with one of the guys,
James, because I was into his friend Will.

I actually ended up with Will, and we had an amazing time together. He said he
would call me, and I was really convinced that he would not.
But he did!
Well, I was already out in the same club when I got his text, but that was all
for the best.
We ended up together again and that night was mind-blowing!
That was one week after we had first met.

He works interstate during the week, so I waited another week and I only texted
him on Friday night when I was out.
He did not reply. I did not insist, but the day after I sent another text about
the tattoo he was supposed to get. No reply at all.

I do not understand why he has stopped contacting me. I kept things fun and
“light”, there was no pressure on him whatsoever and I never ever
mentioned having feelings. His friend was not even angry at him for sleeping
with me, and his mates liked me, the second time when he took my hand in the
club, his friend yelled: ho come on, give your girlfriend a kiss!

I would really appreciate if you could try giving me a hint about this situation

Thanks in advance!

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[5 Dec 2011 | 12 Comments | ]

Is it actually possible to be JUST Fuck buddies with someone?

My short answer is NO! Surprised I think that? Let me explain. A Fuck buddy arrangement is very volatile by nature and invariably someone breaks the rules and it ends up getting too complicated. People are destined to connect with each other, especially when they are bumping uglies. Girls have figured this out and that why if they consider you to be a good enough friend, they won’t risk it buy introducing sex into the equation. Then it’s off Blue Balls central for the dude, cursed to listen to stories about her cat for eternity.

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[2 Dec 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

hi there robby. i really need your help on a woman. I’m BEGGIN lol!!
i like her, and she likes me BUT she has a BF!
we met online and became close. I was there for her when her life was hard (i
did some smooth talking here)
I met up with her and on the 1st “date” I jumped into bed with
her and we DID it ALL except sex, we both kinda stopped because her parents would be
home soon!!!

We both declared our love for each other and I could tell we meant it.
But she has been with her man for a year and they really like each other and she’s
basically at the point of choosing. How do I make her choose me?? please help
’cause i love her!

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[30 Nov 2011 | 6 Comments | ]

hey have to excuse me for my bad language i don’t speak English
very well… I met this guy 8 months ago…he asked me out several times and
we had a lot of fun ..he is a funny sexy guy and i laugh at his jokes all the
time. We were both getting out of bad relationship, his girl left and got
married so did my boyfriend, so we were in the same position …he told me
he’s not ready for a serious relationship though he is so attracted to me he
keeps telling me how beautiful and sexy i am. I liked him a lot so i lied and
I told him I’m not ready either. He didn’t call me a lot but we were talking
from time to time he travels a lot because he is a pilot. On the sixth date he
took me to his place and we had oral sex (i am a virgin because this is our
tradition) then he traveled and we were talking on MSN till he got back
and he called me to ask me out and then cancel our dates over and over. After
that he was just taking me to his place right away .. And when i call him
he doesn’t answer but when he wants me he calls me. The last time was amazing
I spent the night with him, we talked, danced, we watched a movie, he made me
smoke weed for my first time and then he cooked for me. He was so gentle,
romantic and he kissed me hugged me a lot just like a lover and then he was
holding me so tight when we slept the morning he got up so fast so he
can meet his friends. I called him in the night he didn’t pick up. I
felt so bad so i texted him that i can’t continue like that I’m starting to
fall for him and i know he doesn’t want a relationship so i better stop this
before i get hurt. Now a week has passed and he didn’t call..should i
forget him knowing that i really love him..please tell me what to do ..i
can’t tell anyone about this so i need your advice..

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[26 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]

So I’m a 20 year old girl. I was never really interested in relationships until
recently, but now all I want is to be touched by a guy who cares about me. I’ve
been pretty deprived of touch for a while, since when I was younger, I shied
away from it. But now, when I get it, I really like it. A couple of weeks ago, I
was hanging out with a bunch of friends at their apartment and sitting on a
couch with a good platonic friend. He was a bit drunk and gets pretty
affectionate when he is drunk, and i was really tired, so I leaned against him,
and he put his arm around me. For about an hour, while we were all just talking,
he kept rubbing my arm and my side and leaning his head on mine.
A week later, I was home for a break, and I was with a bunch of friends in my
basement watching tv. A different guy friend of mine (who was also drinking) and
I were sharing a seat. At first, it was because there weren’t enough seats for
everyone there, but even after a few people left and there was extra room, he
kept insisting that we share. We have always been platonic– he’s a frat boy and
has always been into hookups, and I am completely not into that. But anyway, for
a couple of hours, I was sharing this seat and lying partially on top of him,
while he put his arm around me and stroked my arm and tickled my belly.
I guess the question is, am I wrong for doing this? Am I sending the wrong
impression? I’m a little slow and have not yet been kissed… and the delay has
made me pretty self-conscious about being physical with anyone. So I figure that
the more I cuddle with guys, the more comfortable I will be with going further
with them… and also, it just feels really good to be held. Thoughts?

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[24 Nov 2011 | 5 Comments | ]

So I went to college with this guy about 9 years ago. We were friends but
nothing close. I even used to be fwb with a guy that lived near him and used
to use him as an excuse to stop by. A little over a year ago, I realized we
had both moved to the same state, so I messaged him on Facebook to meet up.
We had a few drinks and then I went home. As I was driving back he’s texting
how GREAT it was to see me and how he had a crush on me in college. He never
made a move in college and he was kind of one of those secret man-whores.

So several months go by and we hardly talk…I mean like the few texts where
I say hi, he rarely messages back. On valentine’s day, he texts me that he
hopes I had a really great day. I’m at a bar with friends and some of my guy
friends take my phone and send him some scandalous messages asking him to
come over to my house. He did! I was like whatever and we had sex. I was
kind of drunk so I can’t imagine it being that great but for some reason he
thought it was.

So we hardly talk again after that then I move again for my job.
Coincidentally, he applies for a job here too. A few months after I move, he
texts me that they are flying him here for an interview and he’s talking
pre-interview sex and all. We go out to dinner and for some drinks the night
before his interview and we meet this guy in town on business, tell him our
story of how we know each other and the guy is like, “Don’t you guys think
it might be fate that you’ve ended up in the same state three times through
9 years??” I said no we’re friends and all of a sudden he’s like “I
know…it might be..” then after the guy repeats his fate theory a few times
and me insisting friendship, my college bud submits to “ya, no…we’re just
friends.” we go back to his hotel room and he doesn’t even try to have sex
with me and says good night. Then he gets offered the job the next day and
he “can’t wait to be here with me.”

I’m good with fwb, but I don’t want to ruin a long term friendship. I mean,
we have sooo similar personalities and interests. We could be best friends.
We are so similar. I don’t want to fuck up our friendship. We’re both also
very family oriented and know we’re at that point to settle down. Do you
think he’s thinking about me long term? What do I do??? I don’t want to ruin
a good friendship!

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