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Popularity Can Make You Rich

6 August 2009 3 Comments

Is there such thing as bad publicity? Some say there is, others say there’s no such thing. I personally believe the latter. If you’re making news for any reason what so ever, you can make money off of it. Stirring up controversy always makes people want to get in on the action and see or hear what everyone is talking about. If you can make peoples’ jaws drop or look at you with utter shock, not believing that you actually did that or said that or even had the mental capability to think it, you gain popularity. Your popularity can come from something good you’re doing or something bad, but either way there’s money to be made in it. I’m not advocating that you go kill thirty people and get on the six o’clock news, because that would just get you arrested, but if you can think of doing something that will raise your popularity yet keep you from going to jail or getting killed then you gain the ability to have people actually listen to what you say. For example, though Mike Tyson was a great fighter, Don King wasn’t making most of his money thanks to Tyson’s knockout capabilities, he was making money off Tyson’s ability to awe people. The speeches Iron Mike gave, the ridiculous things he said, the fact that he bit Hollyfield’s ear during a fight, his eccentric behaviour, and his overall care free ways of saying or doing whatever he wanted without holding anything back was what brought him such fame and fortune. Sure, Mike blew all his money away but that’s besides the point. The point is, you can use your flamboyant personality to get attention, sum up popularity, and make money from it.

How to Get Noticed

The ones who do gain popularity are people who have something to offer–a hook. In Mike’s case it was his boxing ability. In Eminem’s case it was his rapping ability. In Gibson’s case it was the ability to direct. In Hunter S. Thompson’s case it was his ability to write and be a heavy-hitting journalist. There are many who can box, rap, direct, or write, but it’s the things they choose to film or rap or write about that makes them so popular. If Eminem didn’t rap about dementias, gays, and murdering his cousin in December I think it was then he wouldn’t be such a famous and rich performer. Mel Gibson wouldn’t get talked about as much if he didn’t stir some hatred from the Jewish community. If Hunter didn’t join the Hell’s Angels to write about them, and then live in complete excess then he wouldn’t be known for his great writing abilities. But it all starts with something you’re good at.

Gain an Audience

Once you are practising what you’re great at, you need to find something people like to talk about. Don’t follow the news but make the news yourself. Any publicity you gain helps you get your message across. In an abstract example, even Charles Manson gets fan letters in prison. That’s how messed up things are, when a series killer gets mail sent to him from die-hard fans that at times even ask him to marry them. So there really isn’t anything you can do that is so controversial that everyone on earth will hate you for. There are those who are directly affected that will despise you and there are those who will praise you for having the courage to do or say what you did and that mix of love and hate between communities will give you the popularity from which you can end up profiting from.

Making a Buck

There are lots of ways to make money once you’re known around the world. I bet if Iron Mike really wanted to he could sell candy for kids shaped as ears and they would sell well. The hardest is to market yourself well enough to a point that people want more and more from you and don’t know what to expect. So remember, it’s not about being the best writer on earth, it’s about being able to make it a best-seller even if it’s no Dostoevsky.


  • Sean said:

    Another cool post. If you make yourself popular enough then you definetely have the ability to influence people to buy your products. Everyone wants to be in the “know of things” and that ear-shaped candy for Tyson would be awesome ahaha.

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  • Daniel C said:

    I agree but at the same time you don’t always have to be flamboyant in a bad way (biting ears or rapping about homosexuals and vicadine) to get attention. Mother Teresa surely is popular but for a different reason. I’m assuming it’s a lot easier to get noticed when it’s for contreversial reasons, but you’re right that popularity can surely make anyone rich if they apply it properly.

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  • Con I said:

    I like that u mentioned the process it takes to get popular and how to make money from it. the hook is the most important part and then its to be original and get people’s attention by mixing your talent and your craziness.

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