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15 September 2009 One Comment

I’ve written quite a few guest posts for other blogs and found it very beneficial to get my voice heard through other sources. Now I’d like to share the love and allow other bloggers to get the opportunity to guest post on this blog and get links back to their own webpages. Of course, I have guidelines: It has to be on topic!

When you’re submitting a guest post, make it about something that my readers can benefit from. My readers include people who like hearing about dating advice, general motivational posts on life and success, or reviews of anything that seems hot right now, whether it be a movie or a certain pair of sunglasses. Submit it through the Contact Me page of the blog and after reading it, I’ll email you back to let you know if and when I’ll be publishing the guest post.

That’s basically all I wanted to say here. Also, the dating or any other questions that my readers ask me will still be answered by me directly and I will not outsource to get the answers written by someone else. I’m the one who started the blog and I’m the one who wants to give my knowledge and expertise on the subject, because I cannot guarantee if others are able to give the answers that will suffice my readers.

So besides that, please feel free to send me your guest posts for me to look at and there’s a very high chance that I’ll put it up. And if it’s a post that doesn’t suit my blog, I’ll try to help you out and will pitch it to any one of the mates I’ve made in the blogging community over the past year if it’s relevant to their topic. Cheers to all!

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  • Gigi said:

    Sorry if my english is not good enough… Is a long story but I will try to make a resume.

    I really need an advice because I’ve been trying to understand what kind I am having because I am afraid t get hurt! I’ve been with this guy since 8 moths. I meet him in a bar at the first time I didnt like him and also because he is 2 years younger than me but I decided to gave him a chance because he seem to be a nice guy. We start dating, he took me out for dinner, drinks, dance and also invite me to have a dinner in one of his friend’s place. The first month was amazing.. we used to text in whatsapp.. calls.. everything.. but summer arrived and both of us have our plans during the whole month of august.. I tried to be in touch by whatsapp.. but he always replied late and he never texted me first. After one moth we meet again and he was another guy… he changed instead to meet him twice or three times per week now it was once per week or even one every 15 days. he stop texting me in whatsapp and just in a while he called me.. I try to meet him too many times but he was always busy and every time that I wanted to make a plan he had too many excuses so I decided to text him and let him know that I didn’t want to be in this kind of realtionship so in few word i just end up everything. He didnt answer my message just after 1 week he called me and told that he needed to talk to me because he didn’t want to finish the things like this. He told me Im out of the city but i will call you.. he never called me.. and the next time that I meet him by chance it was with a girl in a bar. So he broke my heart.

    After two weeks or maybe more… I meet him again (because we go to the same gym and also because he lives very close to my house) so he came to me to invite me to have a drink. And also to ask e about my life because I was having problems with my visa (because I am a foreigner in this country) so he offer me help. He start to calling me again and helping me getting me a lawyer. So everything start again. having sex and texting, calls… but I talked to him before to start over again and I asked why he changed?? He told me that he have been feeling depress and when he feels bad he prefers to keep apart. So also he told me that he is not ready for a relations ship because her ex cheated on him so now he doesn’t trust anymore in girls. And I told him Im not ready neither (which is not true) but just to trying to change his mind in a close future. So we decided to be fuck buddies really open to meet more people if we wanted.

    So it’s been up and downs in this relations ship. Sometimes he text me sometimes he just disappears. After sex he is always really cuttle and sometimes he sleeps at my place. during all night he hugs me or he hold my hand. Since one moths ago.. we talked about everything. job, family, problems and we start working in personal projects together because I am a photographer and he likes to paint. So we help each other. Sometimes he likes to talk about future with me… or make plan future plans with me but next days he is very cold or he doesnt look for me for days… Since one or two moths ago everything just happens at my place now we stop to going out for drinks and now we just spend time in this way.. first we chat for hours and then we have an amazing sex which he always finishes being very cuttle and nice. Now I see him every time at the gym and sometimes on the way to my job. Im sure that Im falling inlove and I dont wanna be hurt… what should I do?? Should I go away?? Should I talked to him?? Im just wanna know if there is a possibility that we an end up in a real relation… My friends tell me to be patient one day he will be inlove?? Hope you can tell me what to do! thks!!

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