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Principles of Lust vol.2

16 February 2012 One Comment

A volume 2 before a volume 1? No, this is not a blog-style knock-off of a Tarantino movie (“love you hunni-bunny”), but simply a better way to indulge into a not so distant past before becoming disturbingly nostalgic about a girl that got away or some other unfortunate event such as that which only you can possibly care about.

Regardless of the circumstances and without getting too religion-oriented (atheists rejoice), the one cardinal sin that every single one among us is guilty of, and on a daily basis is lust. Yet I consider lust to be a beautiful, almost a natural part of life that I wish everyone to lustfully embrace. Lust is not sex (neither is masturbation, for those not up to date), but rather an excessive desire of a sexual nature. So naturally, I will be talking about lusting after females but feel free to input a name of your choice, to make the reading more appealing to your needs. I sincerely doubt a day goes by without each and every one of us not thinking for just a glimpse of a second about a (pleasant) sexual encounter with whoever just happens to undress herself inside your head (pun intended).

But before you start thinking that this is a blog post about mental masturbation, ask yourselves these next questions: since when did it become NOT OKAY to discuss your sexual urges with anyone but your psychiatrist? And are you in fact mentally undressing your real-life partner on a daily basis? To answer in short who knows and no (yes, if he or she is reading this beside you). Leaving the psychiatrist discussions for another expensive and potentially penitentiary incarcerating session; when did it suddenly become routinely alright to cheat on your partners mentally?

That’s right; even Jenna, Briana and Eva occasionally popping into your head or monitor screen can theoretically be considered a sin, believe it or not. But the main sources of inspiration for these words are the everyday situations encountered through private messages, messenger windows and of course the supreme language of the 21st century – the SMS. The reality is that hiding behind a screen of a laptop or a phone, brings out a new entity within us, one that can flirt, seduce or even have an online fling if you will. If that’s the case, and you somehow are able to find out, my advices – fuck for the last time, and then run. I know I would. The problem is of course that she is a great lay, or that it doesn’t really bother you that much since you have Natasha from your neighborhood massage parlor on your speed dial. Monogamy is a tricky concept apparently, and this brings upon another question: why bother working, struggling and suffering in the name of a relationship if all could fall apart with one free-incoming message?

The new generation is not really fond of the concept of a monogamous relationship, and who can blame them if their moms are fooling around with the gardener’s hose while their dad is away on a business trip during which he just happened to raise weekly wages of members of the oldest profession in history?

But isn’t that the dream? To screw whomever you wish and not be persecuted or judged for it; to play delightful little mind-games with every single naïve girl who thinks she’s the only one?

Looking back over the blog post, I hauntingly realized that this looks a lot like Carrie Bradshaw’s writings and what’s even worse is that I haven’t even reached half of her 60 year old character’s age. Not to worry, as much as I am a fan of the show, I will not indulge readers into pitiable stories about smart independent women (whores, if you like) taking charge of their lives.

While still on the subject, I am proud to say that I’ve watched practically every single episode of the show that shall remain nameless, and something really scared me afterwards. Not the fact that I know the characters by name, but the fact that the sheer amount of women that watch the show and actually feel/relate to it is truly mesmerizing, and not in a good way either.

Be it as it may, I’m no relationships expert, and in fact, I probably know very little aside from the fact that as Hank Moody said it: “Bitches don’t like it when you fuck other bitches”. But something tells me deep inside, that were it not for lust, we wouldn’t have 90% of the drama of today, because it’s almost certain in my mind that the majority of problems that occur are sex related in its core. May there be however, lust for excess of sexual pleasures, there very well might not be a lust for life.

Today’s guest post was from a friend of mine Dj Titov. Follow him on Twitter and add him on Facebook.

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