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16 December 2008 3 Comments

I’ve added a new category to my list, labelled Shite I Like To Mention. In this category I’ll be mentioning random shite I just feel like talking about. It’s a little off-topic I guess, got nothing to do with shite I like or how to get women. It’s like a miscellaneous section. Anywho, now as the first post in this category, I’d like to discuss an important thing: How to waste time while thinking you’ve done something productive with that time. Personally, I hate wasting time, life’s too short to let it pass by you without doing anything important with it. But there are times when you’re bored, sitting home, not preoccupied with school/work, don’t want to spend too much money going out, and just plainly wishing you’ve had something to do that would somehow help you grow as a person without having to do too much work to achieve that.

Finding Where to Focus Your Energy

Now I really hate sitting there in front of the tele watching how others live their exciting life, while I allow mine to pass me by. So what do you do to make yourself important and feel like you’re achieving something? Get on up, make yourself a cup of coffee, put on some great 70’s or 80’s music on and start cooking. Open that fucking fridge on up and look for a bunch of shite you can cut, slice, dice, and turn into a well-cooked feast. Make yourself a three course meal if you want. Get those potatoes out, get the vegetables washed, and get the necessities for a dessert. Whenever I make myself food, it’s usually done half-heartedly in 10 or so minutes. But if I’ve got nothing better to do, I make it a fun experience. The muzak is playing, the coffee is making me wanna dance to those beats, and I’m cooking a huge meal that I don’t even know if I could finish on my own. That’s one way to make yourself feel useful while kinda wasting your time.

Reading Is For Old People, Stamps Are For Losers, Fighting Is Proper

It’s your day off and you can’t put your finger on what you feel like doing? Well don’t sit on a rock-chair with your favourite book, that’s what old people with one leg in their grave do. And please don’t start collecting stamps like some fucking geek. Stamps are as useless as tits on a bull. Now, watching Fight Club and then going out looking for a proper bar fight is some top-notch shite… well, only if you’re a guy, I presume. Then again, anything dangerous or a little illegal will pretty much make you feel alive and productive while allowing the clock spin by you uncontrollably. Something I like to do when I’m extremely bored is getting into my car, blasting some hype music and just speeding on the freeway. Sure, it’s a bit dangerous, but it makes me feel pretty darn good. Also, going to shooting ranges could be fun (even though it takes a little bit of monies and it’s not illegal). Or just go right ahead and throw some eggs at your enemy’s house. Or a brick through the window—whichever is easier to come by. But either way, doing something dangerous and illegal always makes me feel like I’m doing something interesting, and if you think about it, life is all about the stories you can tell your grandchildren while sitting on that rocking chair. And the only stories they really wanna hear are those dangerous, out of control, crazy things you’ve done in your life. They don’t wanna hear about the time you read ‘War and Peace’.

PS: And if you ever get caught for any of those crazy, illegal acts, just say, “Robby G made me do it”.



  • Diana Freedman said:

    You’re hilarious! Your blog is so much fun to read.

    Anyways, I definitely agree with you about finding something productive to do when you’re bored. Last Sunday, I had a few hours with nothing to do and I didn’t feel like working on my blog, so I spent a few hours cooking. I ended up with days worth of leftovers for both me and my boyfriend, saving us that cooking time during the week. Pretty cool!

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @ Diana Freedman. Thanks. Happy you’ve enjoyed my posts. Subscribe to RSS for the latest posts 🙂

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  • Karolina said:

    Eggs, eh?
    Regular chicken or ostrich?
    This kept me awake at work, and saved a few braincells of me not banging my head on a wall waiting for it to be over.
    Thanks again!

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