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Put It In Her Bum

27 September 2009 9 Comments

I have this girl, I really want to put it inside her asshole, but she won’t let me. How can I
convince her to let me do such diminishing sexual activities???

Shite I Like Forever!!!

I usually don’t answer questions of a very sexual nature because some readers may get offended, but I’ve noticed that many men want to give their girlfriend’s anal but don’t know how to convince her, just like in your situation. I personally have never had this problem, but I do know a few ways that have worked for other men. Convincing her directly may not work, but if you give her a sense of how good it will feel for her, then she will be the one wanting it. So next time you’re in bed, don’t mention it and just start off normally. When you’re in action and she’s feeling hot, slip your thumb into her bum and let her find out for herself how good it feels. This is a basic way that many men end up convincing their girlfriends to do anal. They usually don’t want it the first time because of their fear of the unknown and they are afraid it may either hurt or is nasty or whatever else. But once they get a taste of how good it is, they will never complain about it again and you won’t have to continue convincing her. It’s the same as convincing a virgin to sleep with you. She’s scared a little, nervous, and it doesn’t matter how much you talk about how great it is, she still doesn’t feel comfortable doing it. But once you’re in the heat of passion and she’s feeling horny, that’s when you slip it in. So try that, and if she likes it, which most women do but not all, then slowly pull out and put your anaconda in your thumb’s place. This will most likely work.

What Are You Gonna Do For Me?

Another method that can work is the old “If you do this for me, I’ll do that for you.” If she wants you to do something that you’re not willing to do, then you can make an agreement. If she allows you to give her anal then you’ll do the other thing. Or, if you notice that she particularly likes something you do for her, you can overtime stop doing it for her. Then when she brings it up why you haven’t been doing this or that for her then you simply act innocent and say you don’t feel comfortable doing it. Then try to lead the conversation towards her allowing you to do anal if you resume doing what she loves most. It’s a fair exchange.

Hope one of those two methods work for you or any other man in this situation. Shite I Like forever, I agree!


  • D said:

    WOW Thats some cool advice. i’m going to try that on my girlfriend. We never really talked about it but i always wanted to try to give her anal and now I know how. cool picture also.

  • Cindy said:

    If I was in your girlfriend’s position, I would rather you use the second advice just because it seems nicer. The first one is sort of sneaky and might come a little unexpected. It probably will work, but it’s nice to get a warning sometimes. Good luck.

  • Al said:

    Im sure this helped a bunch of guys Robby. Very nice, very conniving lol. This would for sure work on a bunch of girls, but id love to hear from the questioner if it was successful for him and which method he used. Great Post once again. Thanks ShiteILike.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Al: I’m waiting on his reply as well. Interesting to hear if he was able to pull it off. Give him a few days though.

  • Alec said:

    Haha! The “blackmail” option is quite funny too! I also never have had the problem, my girls had already had anal and enjoyed it.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Alec: Yeah, I notice the men with this problem are the ones have girlfriends that have never gotten anal before. Because once they ever have it they’re always down for it afterwards.

  • Cal said:

    My problem is a past boyfriend made it painful for my girl, multiple times and she swears to never do it again.

  • J Miles said:

    First time when I asked my lady to receive it up her ass, she slapped the sh*t out of me. Yeah, I guess it sounds funny, but I really wanted to try anal sex and she was totally against it. Then I was searching Google like you guys and I hit on this book called Jack’s Anal Persuasion. My God, that was the best thing that I could read in whole universe. Seriously, now me and my girlfriend (same one who slapped me) are only doing anal sex. Now, she adores anal sex. You should give it a try, I’m pretty sure it can help you too!

  • m,f said:

    cool advice ppl i did my girl in her ass and she didnt like it, it hurt her alot but she will still let me do it to her 1 day i recomend alot of lube

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