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Reignite the Spark in Your Marriage

24 February 2010 2 Comments

Hi I am a unhappily married women. I think the last time we had sex was
almost a year ago.
I have met a man whom is separated
we started having sexy texts and liasons when ever we can get away.
He has said no illusions no problems meaning we are two people who enjoy
sex with each other very much and that’s it.
I can’t get him out of my head.
When we are together and done our session he talks about himself and isn’t
interested in really anything I have to say, to me that’s why I’m in this
situation I already have a man who doesn’t listen to me. In order for me to
really open up sexually because we are trying to make me squirt I need to
be heard at least some interest in me.
Excuse the grammar not very good at articulating. I think you get the just.
I know this is morally wrong. I’m obviously not looking for a relationship.

I have been in a relationship with married women on a couple of occasions and I know how it is for women when the flair of their marriage is over and they look for new partners to feel excited sexually. I also know that before a woman can begin thinking that they are destined to a certain type of man, which in your case seems to be someone who only flaunts himself and doesn’t listen to you, you must first and foremost become internally balanced. Though adultry is immoral, sometimes circumstances in relationships tend to create these type of escapes where cheating on your husband seems to be the only way to get some sort of enjoyment out of an everyday routine lifestyle. There is, however, a different type of ‘escape’ from the routine that is possible as well. It is obviously that you have enough drive to make changes in your life, so it will not be too difficult to initiate theser new upgrades to your life.

What’s Not Working?

Sit down and really think about what you believe isn’t working out in your life. Ignore your husband in this exercise. Do not make claims such as, “My husband isn’t paying enough attention to me.” Instead, think of things that you yourself can change today. Do you feel a loss of interest in your routine life? Do you feel like you’re stuck? Are you afraid this is the path your life will continue on? Is your sex-life with your husband close to non-existant?

Momentary Solutions

Then once you assess the problems, think of things that will make you happy for the time given. I’m suggesting things that will make you forget about your issues and gie you momentary solutions. Though that will not resolve the big problem, which is your issue with your husband, you will at least be able to rejoice in small things in life that will get you feeling the joy you felt before you ever needed to start a relationship with your new lover. Do things for yourself and forget about the unhappiness your husband and your lover bring. If, however, you notice thatl cannot get your new man out of your mind, feel free to continue seeing him, just let him know how you really feel. Tell him that your husband doesn’t satisfy you because he doesn’t seem to listen, and instead of allowing him to talk about himself, just go ahead and start a conversation about yourself. See where that takes you, and if that doesn’t work then be direct and tell him that you think he talks about himself way too much.

Reignite Your Love

After you have done what you feel you need for yourself to feel good for the present, you should try to reignite the love you once felt for your husband. If lack of sex and excitement seems to be the only problem then try to liven the relations up a bit. You should by now know what excites your husband. Now, all you have to do is evoke those sexual needs in him by working a new angle. Do something for him. Do not expect him to have to start the sexual contact, instead prepare a romantic dinner, some new sexy lingerie, and make yourself look more appealing than ever before. Once he awknoledges this come-on and acts on it, that should be enough to get you into a new cycle of change. But you must remember that if you want change, then you must be the one to evoke it. Become more exciting in your everyday life and incorporate him this new positivity. Embrace the things that had once made you fall in love with him. Make him feel like you still need him and compliment him on his masculinity. The best way to get a man to be interested in you is by appealing to his ego. I know that your dilemma consists of your men not listening enough, but sometimes you must give a little bit, to receive a little a bit. Try to keep that in mind and act upon it.


  • Micbyte said:

    Thank you for your insight.
    Very insightful, BTW I broke the relationship off I decided I deserve better.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Micbyte: Glad you did. They usually don’t end good anyways and it’s best to recognize your self-worth and strive for something better, whether it’s improving your current relationship or finding a totally new one. Never settle for something when you know you can do better with a little bit of effort.

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