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Reverse the Course of Action: Play on HER Emotions

8 December 2009 5 Comments

Hey my names Colin! I’m 19, and I got a friend who is a senior still in
highschool Neanna. We’ve been friends since I was a sophmore. She told me
I’m fine and sexy, and she likes me. We talk about sex all the time! She has
had sex with a few different people. I have brought up the subject of us
having sex, but she has been trying to be good lately. She told me we can
fuck only if we are dating. I’m currently a freshman at florida state, and I
think a relationship would be a bad idea with my busy schedule, and crazy
parties. How can I let her know I just want a fuck buddy?

Hey Colin, thanks for the question. In this situation, the easiest way for you to approach this would be to think bigger. First, I would say that if you like her as a friend and add sex into the mix, one of two things can happen. One is that it can completely ruin the friendship if things don’t work out between the two of you. Or two, it could actually lead to a really good and healthy relationship. Now, after throwing out that caution comment out there, I suggest that you scratch that whole “wants to be good lately” out of your mind, because it appears that she only mentions this to you in order to appear like a good girl in your eyes. It is evident that she cares what you think of her, even from that short description you supplied me with.

I’ve seen many guys fall into the friend zone and really start believing everything the girl would say to them. The best way to get her to want you, and not as a date but as a fuck buddy, is if you act indifferent towards whether or not you want to sleep with her, and instead raise the desire in her. If you know she is not reluctant to the whole idea of sex then all it will take for you to enter a fuck buddy relationship with her is time and a well played strategy. Get her to want you. This can be done by provoking certain feelings in her. When you two are talking about sex, bring up your past fuck-buddy relationships (and if there are none, just mention some one night stands. And if still none, just make some up). And ask her about her past relationships and about her flings she may have had. Guys tend to get a little uncomfortable when women talk about their past sex partners even if the guy isn’t interested in the woman for anything more than just sex. This shouldn’t bother you though… or at least act like it doesn’t.

Then one day once you have evoked some sort of interest in her. When she feels like she doesn’t know everything she thought there was to you, that’s when you ask her to go out with you somewhere–of course, still as friends–maybe even one of those college parties. And since younger girls love to play mind games with older guys, you should really act beyond that and not take all her little remarks seriously. I know this from experience that high school girls try their best to play on an older guy’s emotions and try their hardest to tease the man. (That’s a reason I don’t even go for younger girls). You should make her know through your actions that you don’t care enough to want to date her. Basically, you have to implement a hot and cold approach to her. Get her confused to what you really want. In the beginning, act somewhat caring to what her past relationships were like, and then distance yourself and act careless. This will make her not understand what exactly it is that you want and she will want to understand it further. And the more she acts like she cares, the more hot and cold you should play. This will take some time but eventually she’ll drop her little act of wanting someone she can date and instead will just want to fuck one day. And then from then on, once you’ve fucked, do whatever you can to avoid “talking about it” and instead just try to go with the flow and even though she may get clingy, explain to her that you have college and are too busy to get into a serious relationship, but you don’t mind to continue what you have going right now. Which is friends who just happen to enjoy fucking on occasion. It’s a hard fact of life but girls, especially girls younger than the man, get real easy to manipulate after the dirty deed has been fulfilled.

Sorry if this advice is all over the place, but I’m sure you get the core point and clear-cut message that I’m trying to send out somewhere within the post.


  • Henry said:

    That is good advice, I like it alot man. Flipping the guilt trip onto her and playing on her emotions is quite mean like you said, but it shoudl work. You are right about younger girls trying to always play this lame game. They not only tease, but they try to mentally dominate you. It’s real fucked up brother, but I stray far from young chicks. They are too immature most the time.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Henry: A lot of them believe they are more mature, that’s why they tend to go for older guys, but like you said, it’s those lame games they play that proves otherwise.

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  • Phil said:

    I also agree with this and think it’s brilliant advice. Try it out COlin, it sounds like it takes time but it should work out well for you.

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  • Colin said:

    Thanks for the advice! I’m goin to the movies with her Friday. I’m goin to exactly what you said. Might even makeout if it goes well. I just got to get her out that good girl act she’s pretends to be LOL thanks again robby

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Colin: No problem, mate. Play a slick game at the movies, the hot and cold should work out for you there. Lure her in. Anywho, let me know how it goes afterward. Cheers.

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