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Revolutionize Your Business

8 June 2009 2 Comments

Due to my trip to Cuba, I decided to make a little 3-post Revolution series that will cover the right form of change for your business plan, social life, and dating game. Today’s the first post in the series.

It’s a recession, everybody’s broke. However, you personally don’t have to be and all it takes is a few right business decisions. It’s time to make sure that you do all the right and necessary things to create, mix, or alter your business so it prospers and makes you a richer person coming out of the recession storm than you were heading in. Let’s analyze the situation first. Yes, it’s a global recession, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is losing business. There are certain sectors that are making money off the right kind of investments and by having an efficiently styled revolutionized business plan for themselves. If you don’t have a business running, think about the stock market. Almost every company is suffering high losses and this means only one thing. The future is friendly. The fundamentals of playing the market are: buy low, sell high. Now incorporate that into what’s happening in your country. For example, I know that the Canadian government is planning to invest $7 billion into infrastructure to boost employment. What does that do for me? Well, find out the biggest construction companies in Canada, find out if they got the contracts from the Canadian government, and invest into them. Canada, much like U.S and the rest of the world has began subsidizing or “stimulating” large corporations in order to boost the economy. Find out the corporations that will receive these fund packages and invest into them. Obviously do more research than just that, but start thinking outside the box.

If you own a business, you might want to revolutionize the way you look at it. Everywhere you look now, you see social packages being thrown left and right and it’s important for you to be one of those lucky few to benefit from those packages. And if you can’t seem to get your hands on any subsidies, just make sure you take into account what the society seems to be spending most money on, which is changing severely from what they used to spend money on a decade ago, and become the supplier of that good or service. The internet seems to be a big place to make money nowadays, environmentally friendly technology seems to be taking over as a lucrative business for the years to come, and beyond that you must look at the trends. When you figure out what seems to be working in the market, alter your own business to fit into the times.

The flare has been lit and the world seems to have picked-up more momentum than ever before in history. Things seem to be changing on massive scales and you should understand that if you don’t jump on ship then it will simply sail by. The gap between the rich and the poor will be spread out to an immense extent in the next five to ten years and it’s important that you make a business that will bring the required goods or services to the people in order to make a solid buck. If you own a business, whatever it may be, you should see what works and what doesn’t, spend time, sweat, and money on this analysis, and finally remove the portions of your business that are failing and focus on the lucrative parts. The time for such changes has begun due to this extremely harsh time in history. It is in such harsh conditions that the smart and persevering types of businessmen succeed, and the rest of society tries their best just to survive the economic downfall. It is the perfect time to make loads of money and go from zero to superstar in a mere decade. The housing market has collapsed, the credit system is close to abolishment, a reform to the capitalist structure has ensued, and the world is taking steps to some type of world order. Either way, it shouldn’t matter how to help cure cancer at this point in time, it’s important to see what the powerful ones are trying to keep you from seeing by holding you in the dark and in fear, and it is time to rise and change your business structure without any hesitation that tomorrow might become even worse than today. The fact is if you keep doing what you’re doing the same way and your revenue has been dropping over the past six years, then you should really re-analyze your business plan, because the world will not return to the same way after this global recession is over.


  • Carl said:

    Have fun in Cuba. It’s hard to stay ahead of the business game but the biggest mistake people make is when they think that if they keep to their business plan and it’s not working that it will some day rebound. Always need to be innovative. Great post.

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  • Miguel Wickert said:

    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your trip. At the same time, if someone needs employment, knowing which companies receive money is helpful because they’re gonna need to likely hire some new folks. Later,

    .-= Miguel Wickert´s last blog ..The Android Apps I’m Using… =-.

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