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Revolutionize Your Dating Strategies

16 June 2009 2 Comments

In the third and final post in the Revolution Series, I would like to discuss ways you can revolutionize your dating strategies. The thing you must recognize about dating is that when you see a beautiful woman that you’d like to date, you must also realize that there are many men out there that want the exact same thing. The only difference between you and the others is that you should honestly believe that you’re the one that will succeed in getting the date.

You’re On a Battlefield

If you date, or have ever dated, or will one day date then you know that you will always have competition. If you didn’t have competition then every girl out there would be yours. So once you understand that every man out there is a threat to your victory over getting a date with the woman you want, you must decipher her desires. Most women like the strong, silent type, right? Well at times that’s exactly what they want. But at other times they want a sensitive kind of man. And at other times they want a man who loves to party. At other times they may want a patient man and of course at times they want the man to be an asshole. Now that you’re armed with these personality traits, you must know when to attack with which trait. You can never overdo a single attack, because it may always backfire. So know that the dating battlefield is filled with various uncertainties.

Be the First to Attack

Notice the competition you may have around your target and try to assess who stands the strongest fight out of all those men. Don’t take too much time assessing, because you don’t want your target snatched before your eyes without you being able to do anything about it. Then prepare for the smooth attack to get the woman to awknoledge you. Finally don’t hesitate the kill and move in with all your forces. Again, don’t send all your troops (or moves) out at once, keep her guessing and wanting more. Make sure she is not second guessing how it would be for her to be conquered by another man and that you’re the one for her.

Reassurance is the Only Insurance

Every person wonders what it would be like if they’d taken a different route and how different their lives would be. The only way from making sure your woman doesn’t actually decide to act on those “what if” thoughts is for you to keep reassuring her that you are the right choice. Surprising her and making her remember how and why she chose you is the best way to know that you are relighting the spark and though it may be dim at times, you never let it burn out completely. Come up with new ways to keep her guessing and keep her wanting more, because without revolutioning your dating strategies you simply allow your competition the ability to rise up and subjugate your territory.


  • Jude said:

    Reassurance is the only insurance that’s true. Basically I really liked this entire article. Pure battle tactic approach to dating that’s easy to read and understand.

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  • LCA said:

    at times guys may play the wrong personality and that’s the biggest mistake they can make. they mix up their game and wonder why they’re not getting girls. You have to really know how to pick up on women’s signs to play the right type of character.

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