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Revolutionize Your Social Presence

10 June 2009 One Comment

If by now you haven’t developed some sort of dominant presence in society then I want to give you a boost of confidence and share some pointers on some ways you could improve the way you are perceived by others. When you hear people say “Put yourself in his shoes” think about that and use it to your advantage. Except think about it this way. Try to look at yourself from a third person or through other people’s shoes. I noticed that many people who try to act smooth or cool with the ladies or just around other people, they end up looking like complete assholes even though they think their style is flawless. So today I really thought about what could be a revolutionized way of improving your social presence and ultimately it’s not about how you see yourself but it’s in fact how others see you. There are a variety of bosses out there. Some are like Hunter S. Thompson who just didn’t give a fuck and do things their own way and assert themselves onto society from the exterior, and then there are others like Meyer Lansky who finds the weaknesses in society, show people what they want to see, and asserts themselves onto society through internal means.

From Hunter to Meyer


The Gonzo Lifestyle

When you do something, make sure you do it so professionally that it doesn’t appear that you’re doing anything at all, yet it comes naturally to you. What does Gonzo mean? Here’s the best definition I found on the net: “Using an unconventional, exaggerated and highly subjective style, often when the reporter is part of the story.” First and foremost, this does not mean you should act like a fucking clown. This just means that if you’re the “I don’t give a fuck” type of person then adding some Gonzo features into your social presence could really raise eyebrows when you walk into the room, but over some time those same eyebrow-raisers will want to become your best friend, however as everyone knows, unconventional/eccentric people seem to be so preoccupied with being in the crazy mix of things that most people can’t keep up. If you’re confused about what I’m talking about here then maybe this video will clarify things about what I mean about leading a Gonzo Lifestyle.

This is the creator of Gonzo Journalism, but there’s much more to Gonzo journalism than just journalism. There’s a lifestyle behind it. And the eccentricity involved in that is revolutionary to the ideals of the general “consumer” individual. And if you’re the type of person to say that Hunter or anyone like him is just some fucking idiotic douchebag, then honestly you should think about the Meyer Lansky type of social presence. However don’t even think that the Gonzo type of person (more particularly Hunter himself) will ever take guff from swine-talk like that. He will by all means take out his long-barrelled .357 Magnum revolver and stick it under your rib cage.

Too Cool for School

The coolness of Meyer Lansky and his social presence cannot be compared to anyone else when he walks through that door. People don’t raise their brows in confusion, they tip their hats off to such power they feel from the vibe he transmits. People may read this post thinking this is all utter bullshit, but the fact of the matter is there are many who do care about transforming into the dominant boss. Those who talk shite can just go right ahead to their little unsatisfied existence and pretend their life is fulfilled when they wake up at 9am to go make enough money to pay for their utility bills. However for those who see that there is more to life than just a 9-5 lifelong career will ultimately see the benefit in changing the way others perceive them. So as I said above, you must look at yourself from the third person and analyze how people perceive you now and how you want them to perceive you, and in effect try to letting yourself go free into developing into that person. Obviously being exactly like Hunter or mimicking Meyer’s movements is not what I advocate here, I advocate giving up the bullshit disguise you might be hiding behind and let yourself be that carefree person you may be hiding inside of you, or that smooth boss that you truly always dreamed of being. However, understand that the key here isn’t to want to be like someone else, it’s to let yourself be what you always wanted, and naturally that is being yourself. And those who think they’re cool by trying to act like someone else usually end up looking like social assholes I mentioned above when analyzed from external sources.

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  • Jay Jay said:

    Hunter is the greatest. His funeral was funded by Johnny Depp. They’re both great men.

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