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Robby in Amsterdam

27 August 2009 2 Comments

Today I wanted to write a quick post about the past few days. It’s been a hell of a few days with all the flying from Toronto to Brussels and from there to Amsterdam, but I’m finally here and finally writing again. I’m blogging from my new home where the internet is limited, but who really needs too much internet when they’re in Amsterdam anyways? Now, I’ve made a couple of quick videos capturing my new room and roomate. We went out last night and met some other people on the way my roomate knew from earlier and we were getting drunk off $1 (sorry, 1 Euro) beers. Well, it’s Amsterdam so let’s face it, there was beer and some next stuff, so overall it was a successful first night here. I’ve barely eaten anything and already missed a couple of meetings I was supposed to have. I think there’s some other dinner meeting, but I just woke up and it’s 4 pm already, so I really doubt I’ll be doing anything but finding some junky I can buy a stolen bike from. I’ll make more videos and then upload them since I’m really lazy right now and it’s my second day and I’m in front of the computer (something I’m not too fond with right now).

To recap, I’m here, I’m safe, I’m having a good time, and I’ll be posting and making more videos in the near future. Now I’ve gotta go get some food and then check out the Sex Museum. I’ll see you all later. Cheers!


  • Jules W said:

    1 Euro beers? I’m there, there’s nothing to it. I’m fucking going. hehe

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Jules W: You’d dig it the most, JULES!

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