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Royale with Cheese and a Beer, Please

2 December 2009 5 Comments

A torre Eiffel 3 / The Eiffel Tower 3
I just got back from Paris today and it’s been a great 5 day trip. My first day in I walked around and was looking for a place to stay, because the smart-ass that I am, I decided to go there without any arrangements for a residence. I looked for hostels but they were all real expensive and since I thought the French were like the rest of the Europeans and spoke fluent English, I was direly mistaken. Only certain people in working environments spoke the sacred language, and even though I studied French for 8 or so years as a second language back in Canada, I couldn’t forumlate a decent sentence apart from “Je m’appelle, Robby.” So after wandering aimlessly for hours, I got onto a metro and found the whole system quite simple. I made my way to a place someone told me there would be loads of hostels. I got off the metro and while I was crossing the street, I accidently peered to my left and saw this gigantic structure known to the world as the Eiffel Tower. I almost got hit by a car because the tower really struck me and it was quite impressive. Really much more beautiful than it appears to be on pictures.

I found a hotel room for 75 Euros which I was able to bargain down to 70 Euros. It was clean and had a tele which had only BBC in English. The next day I met with a friend of a friend and we went around and I got to meet her friends. Then they found me a hostel for 22 Euros a night and my first roommate was a weird gay who really creeped me out so I decided to ask for a different room, which I got after the receptionist read the name who I was sharing the room with. She laughed and said she’ll definitely change rooms for me. I think he lived in the hostel for years now. He might have been a pedefile who was denied to rent out any other decent room…. Anywho, at night we went out clubbing and it was a great night. Vodka, VIP area, no waiting in line-ups, pure boss shit. The guy I was there with apparently got in a fight with someone for pushing him. I thought his hand was definitely broken, but luckily it was only bruised. I loved the fact that we went out at 2:30 am and left around 7 am. When in Toronto the last call for drinks is 2am. They really know how to have fun in Europe.

The next few days I just went around and sight-saw. It’s actually the best city I’ve ever been to. Even though the girls in Amsterdam are some of the prettiest girls and in abundance I’ve ever seen, I would say I’d enjoy living in Paris more. It’s a bigger city, the metro system is advanced, it’s live 24/7 and people there are always running some place unlike Dam. It’s also clearly the capital of the fashion world. I arrived there with a single backpack and ended up leaving with another two bag fulls of clothes. I really didn’t have any desire to buy anything, but when I saw the clothes they sold there I couldn’t help myself.

But last and definitely not least, as you probably know, Pulp Fiction is my all-time favourite movie and I just had to check out if they really do call a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese a “Royale with Cheese” and if they did sell beers in McDonald’s. And it made my fucking day when I walked into a McDonald’s there and saw on the menu a Royale with Cheese and in the drinks section there was a choice of Kronengbourg 1664 beer. Overall my 5 day trip was extremely fun and better than expected and I’m really grateful to the group of people that showed me around. To all my facebook friends, I posted an Album with all my Paris pics if you’d like to check ’em out. And to those who’d like to be my friend, simply click here. Cheers!


  • Jacky said:

    Hey Robby! You’re getting a lot of traveling down. That’s very cool, but how is the studying going?? not missing any school I hope. Happy to get insiders view of the McDonald’s in France!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Jacky: Yeah, it’s been great travelling around Europe. The studying is well… getting done. These couple of weeks will be real hectic but then I’m having a friend come down from Canada and hopefully we’ll end up going to Lisbon or maybe Prague.

  • Max said:

    Most of those Parisians are just being awkward when it comes to them speaking English! There are so many explanations as to why they do this but it’s a peculiar French thing. Also, the French tend to feel less capable in their English language abilities compared to say the Swedish, Danish, Dutch etc.. [who generally speak perfect English] so they’re less likely to make an effort & just reply “non” to your “Do you speak English”. I have a Parisian Grandma who’s convinced her English is awful even though it’s perfectly acceptable & easy to understand. And lastly, you need to make them aware you’re from Canada .. that Canadian accent is easily mistaken for a neighboring country’s ; )

    I would say the Parisians girls are the most stunning you’ll find! If you were around the tourist sites then perhaps you were missing out on them all … what club did you go to? I’m surprised you found Paris ’24/7′. When I spend time there I find it infuriating that it pretty much all shuts down in the evening [bars/clubs the exception] like much of continental Europe. It’s certainly nothing like London/New York which really are 24/7 cities. Getting a cab in Paris at 4AM is usually the most difficult task you’ll ever face in life!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Max: I agree with you completely on the language aspect, but I guess I was lucky with the 24/7 aspect. I had times when I went to home at 7am and there were still people out and cars and taxis in the streets (and that’s around 5:30-6am). Compared to Toronto where clubs close at 2am, I only got to the club at 2:30 and it was amazing. The girls were great and most importantly the people I went with was a good company of people, so that might have added on to the first impression of the going out and party scene.
    Mentioning I’m Canadian instead of American is crucial. They’re real pricks to those Yanks. As soon as talk about Canada came into play, their facial expressions change completely and they become surprisingly nice. I still haven’t been to London, but Paris so far really is my favourite city. Looking forward to London and Prague as well.
    .-= Robby G´s last blog ..Book Review: “Women” by Bukowski =-.

  • Max said:

    Yeah, Paris clubs are generally pretty good & if you’re with a good group of people even better … I don’t think I’ve ever been to a club that closes at 2AM – that’s insane if you’re used to Europe/NYC! Yeah, it’s imperative to mention you’re Canadian if you don’t speak French. London’s a 40 min flight from Amsterdam so you need to get over there .. Paris is pretty but in my opinion doesn’t compare to London.

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