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Russian vs Italian vs Japanese Mafia

5 September 2009 10 Comments

I was wondering what people thought to be the strongest mafias in the world. Of course I understand this is all theoretical and most voters will not know the exact answers since it is almost unattainable, I wanted to know the general idea of what people think. If you’d like, leave a comment with the reasons for your choice.

Strongest Mafia in the World?

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  • Paul said:

    The russians have an old structure of dealing with problems, they’re brutal mofos and they have power and back. Italians also have a structure but when it comes down to it they have just been receiving too much glare from the media and that’s why everyone thinks they’re so strong. I think Yakuza are evn stronger than the Italians.

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  • S-Train said:

    the Yakuza would destroy any mafia out there. Russians wouldn’t have a chance with their flashy G-Wagons and useless tactics. Their structure is worthless and everyone would sell each other out. The Yakuza is the strongest and most loyal to each other.

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  • Andrew Farcus said:

    Why don’t people think Italian mafia are strong? In U.S they run almost everything. And besides them the Biker gangs are strong but very ruthless. Hell’s Angels for example. But I still think Italians are the strongest.

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  • Instant Cash said:

    This is really interesting, thank for sharing. I think that mafia’s are lame.

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  • ruler said:

    serbian mafia is strongest

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  • Shiori said:

    The Japanese Mafia is the strongest, Not only did the Yakuza have ninja moves but they also had a variety of weapons at their disposal. They were insane smart when it came to the underground too.

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  • madmax said:

    Why can not I leave comments in Russian.

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  • Playdough said:

    Most likely it`s the Italian maffia. They are the only ones who have some power outside the borders of their country

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  • Konner said:

    its hard to say the russian mafia is pretty strong in eastern europe and are overall are not the top in the world.,but italian mafia’s are still up there and make way more money and have control not just in italy but throughought the world and even thoughs toughe russians in brighton beach usualy work for italians in brooklyn,i think the only mafia that can compete with the ialians are the yakuza

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  • dots said:

    russian restaraunts in brooklyn never alowed eugene sadomskiy to it at any places he is danderous and can rob them. if you see this man call the police immideatly.

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