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Say Goodbye to ’09

1 January 2010 4 Comments

Bursts of fireworks
Thinking back on 2009, it’s been quite a decent year. I published a book, I kept this blog alive, and I moved to Amsterdam for a year. Though there weren’t too much opportunity to monetize on many things, like I mentioned in this guest post, I feel that 2010 will be an even greater year. In ’09, I went through a lot of things that I never expected and it’s crazy how what I planned for to happen in the beginning of 2009 turned out by the end of that year. I never expected to be celebrating New Years in Amsterdam with two of mates from Canada.

What Did I Do For New Years?

I woke up hungover at 8pm, thinking I wasn’t going to be able to drink the entire night. Then my friends and I got to a house party at around 10, and then the drinking began. A bottle of vodka, a bottle of Jager, and numerous beers later my friend was throwing up on the wall outside before midnight hit, and I was chatting to some people at the party. I wasn’t used to how nice Dutch people are. Everyone enjoyed starting up conversations with each other on random topics and I saw some unholy dance moves being performed. I kept getting harassed by a girl who knew about my blog and kept introducing me as the “guy with dating site”. It took some drunk manoeuvring to get through her and find my way to the other guests. The fireworks show was like something I’ve never seen before, the entire city was on fire for over half hour after midnight and random fireworks were still being fired throughout all night and next day as well. We then went out and rode our bikes somewhere where we got more beer bottles, nine of which we ended up smashing on the ground at various times. At one point, my drunken friend lost control of his bike of which I sat on the back, and crashed into a pillar. He landed straight on his chin and I got out of it with a few scrapes on my hand. The chain fell off and we waited around, drinking a couple of beers until some passer-by girl offered to help. She tried fixing the bike chain for a good ten minutes as we stood around, until her boyfriend finally had enough and told her she should leave. She cussed at him but then followed. We then chained up the bikes next to a tree and walked around the Red Light District. I found a couple of girls to talk to on the way home and finally around 7am we got home and passed out after another couple of glasses of absinthe. Overall the night wasn’t too bad. Only problem was the next afternoon. The cold must have hit us hard when we were drunk because everyone’s throats were sore and we had attracted the flu.


I plan to step up my game on this blog this year. I am planning on releasing a new product which is currently in the works, which I will go into more detail as I get to closer to the launch date. Also, I will get my second novel published, and I have high hopes for this one. You can read the first chapter of the new novel here. Besides getting my writing career on its feet, I plan on moving back to Canada in the summer where I already have a Real Estate job waiting for me. I have really high hopes for 2010 and hope you all the best as well! May all your plans, dreams, and desires come to fruition this year and though hard work is of the essence, luck plays a big factor sometimes. So, lots of luck to everyone in 2010!


  • Lance M. said:

    Sounds like it was a good night! I had a pretty sweet new years as well. Wasn’t in Amsterdam, but Cancun was also great! And I wish you all the success in 2010. I love this blog and hope you continue with it.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Lance: Cancun must have been great I bet. Thanks for the wishes, I’m looking forward to this year. I wish you all the best and thanks for the support!

  • Max said:

    Cycling in Amsterdam when you’re hammered? I guarantee I’d end up in a canal! All the best for 2010 …

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Max: Yeah, we got lucky! Thanks for the wishes. Have a great 2010

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