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19 November 2008 2 Comments

I always thought of living in hot cities where there’s no snow and you can walk around in wifebeaters and jean shorts all day. Sydney, Miami, Barcellona… any of those places would do just fine. But then as time went by and I actually travelled to Miami, I spent some time there and realized that I actually missed the snow. That’s why in this post I’d like to show some appreciation to the seasons. Winter is approaching and today was the first day some serious snow came down in Toronto. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and look out my window and see everything covered in white. I really hate when it’s snowing and it’s windy, but when there’s snow and no wind… now those are the days you’ve gotta love winter.


Sure, after a while you get bored of winter, and can’t wait for the summer, that’s why I like all four seasons. When it’s hot and humid all year round, well that’s what I hear hell should be like, so I really don’t wanna spend my entire time on earth in murderous heat and then go down to hell where there’s the same type of climate. When I think of Spring and Fall, however, I see them as purely transitional seasons. Nevertheless, Spring makes everything look nice and purrty, and Fall is great because of all the rain that comes with it. I like shite like fog and rain, but I would hate if the whole year there was that climate. So London is out of the question, eh.


I’m happy that winter is finally here. Christmas has got to be the best part about it… makes me feel like a kid again. All those Christmas carols, the decorated Christmas tree, the movies they show, the chestnuts, and having a big glass of wine next to the fireplace. Oh and before I forget, the skiing. Skiing is a big part of the winter season. Get all dressed up and go down Blue Mountain. I really wanna learn snowboarding, but for now I stick to skiing.


So after thinking about it for quite some time, I realized I’ve gotta live in Europe where the seasons are actually distinguished and where the transitional seasons have their own characteristics. Unlike Toronto, where there’s like 2 days of spring and 3 days of fall and maybe like 20 days of summer, and the rest of the 365 days there’s… well the fourth season, yep, you’ve guest it, winter!


  • Deon said:

    There is just something about this time of the year. Spending time with the family and all the Christmas festivities that goes along with it. Tried skiing once and never again!! Left me in a lot of pain.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Deon, I can’t wait ’til they start showing Home Alone and the Scrooge story on the tele. Yeah, watching those movies, seeing the snow go down outside, while drinking a cup of cocoa beside a decorated tree with the rest of the family–nothing like it. You should try skiing again, it’s a looot of fun….even though I still didn’t learn to break. Cheers!

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