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She’s Waiting By the Phone

3 September 2009 One Comment

A month or so ago I asked you how long you think you should wait before calling a girl you’ve met on a Friday night out, and the amount of votes for each answer were quite close. The results did not vary too much and I’d like to discuss which one I voted for and I’ll give you my reasons. Here are the results:

Don’t Play the Waiting Game

If I get a girl’s number on a Friday — this being a girl I’m somewhat interested in because I want to call her in the first place — then I would call her the following day (Saturday) sometime around five or six o’clock, hopefully before she has made plans to go out and definitely before she is out and partying again and can’t talk too long on the phone. This way you can maybe make plans for that very Saturday night or you can postpone it to a weekday for a cup of coffee. Not waiting a week to call is important because this way you’re still fresh in her mind, and since she gave you her real number then more than likely she actually wants you to call her. So give her the pleasure of presenting yourself as a decent guy who calls a girl the following day. Women can be very insecure and think that you haven’t been calling because she’s just one of many women whose numbers you’ve gotten that night and are just trying out a few other girls before they all reject you and you end up calling her as your last choice. This way she sees that you’re sincerely interested and that’s what you want her to think at first. The way of the game changes a little once you’re on the date with here and that can be read here. But before an official date, you can choose to go out into a social place where you can just drink a little, relax, and get to know each other better.

What if I’m too Busy to Call Her Saturday?

I’m sure you can find some time on Saturday to give her a short call to chat her up a little bit and then tell her you’ve got to take care of some things and will call her some other time. Do not to leave it up to her to call you back. But if you cannot call her at all on Saturday, then try to call her on Sunday or the next day and tell her you would’ve called earlier it’s just you were busy. Why am I pushing you to make the call as soon as possible? Well, because you don’t know her well enough to start playing games with her and doing all the right moves such as waiting the right amount of time before calling her back when you miss her call, or when and how to joke around with her, or to know exactly what type of girl she is (fun, boring, outgoing, serious, or shy, etc), and each and every girl in different categories need different treatment, no matter what some “dating expert” out there claim to work on each and every girl. Because in my personal experience you cannot use one style of game on every girl because they either get bored of it or it just plain and simply does not work. Most girls that those expert advice work on are sleazy sluts.

Benefits of Calling Her the Next Day

Firstly, you’re fresh in her mind and she might actually be happy that you remembered to call. Secondly, the fact that you even cared to call means that you think she’s important enough for you to take time out of your day to make the call. This second point may backfire if the girl thinks very highly of herself and expects guys to call the next day. Then if you pick that sort of tone in her voice or in what she says throughout the conversation, then make yourself more mysterious by not giving her what she wants or expects. By that I mean, don’t ask her to come out that night, don’t mention relationships of any sorts or give her any form of flattery. Just keep cool and talk like you would to an equal friend. Then be the first to get off the phone and tell her you’ll call her some other time. Another benefit is that you have a full week to think about how you can approach her the next time you talk to her rather than if you were to call the Saturday of next week. Men who say it’s best to leave a day in between getting the number and making the call are amateurs in my opinion. Don’t play some stupid childish game with a woman you hardly know. Be a man, be direct, and try to get to know her and lock the deal faster than your opponents or faster than it should actually take.

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