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Two Shots of Music, One Shot of Mood

18 December 2008 3 Comments

In Mood for Some Happy MuzakThe other day I was with my cousin in her BMW 650i (serious vehicle) heading to her pad and we got into the discussion of music. Somehow we began talking about how you can tell what kinda music a person listens to by the way they dress. She was also telling me how she was surprised when one of her friends told her that her husband listens to heavy metal even though he’s this quiet, black-tie-and-jacket wearing, sorta shy, office working bloke. That didn’t surprise me much, but then I asked her what she thought I listened to based on how I dressed. She looked me up and down and told me that she couldn’t really tell. “A little bit of everything,” I think she even said. And you know what, that’s really true. I do listen to a little of everything. I tend to go based on my mood. I remember even the other day I was out with a girl and I was in the mood for classical music so I plugged in some Bethoveen’s Moonlight Sinata. Don’t ask me how I had that on a CD. I realized from a while back that I dress and listen to music all based on my mood. I sometimes go out to a coffee shop wearing a pea-coat and polished shoes, while at other times I’d go out to a restaurant in my busted black Timbs and an Adidas jacket.

I don’t understand people who go all out sitting shut in their room listening to Nirvana all day and night, or dressing like they were from Kiss, or never taking off those tight ass pants just ’cause some guy from The Strokes wears them each and every day. Don’t you all get different moods every so often? Times when you wanna feel like the boss, put on a Rick Ross track and coast down the streets of downtown with a bitch in your passenger seat. Or when you’re feeling like shite, don’t you just feel like putting on some Ray Charles or B.B King and grove to that because your girl left your arse in the cold? To me it’s a lot easier living my life and listening to music based on what kinda mood I’m in that day. Or maybe it’s just like Young Jeezy said, “They say I’m bipolar so indecisive, so mothafuckin what I know some bitches who like it.”

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Some people base their entire life on what some artist said on some track of his, but I see that as somewhat foolish. This motherfucker said this, and that motherfucker said that. In the end, who really cares? It’s all about how much enjoyment you get from the song when you’re in that certain mood.

And by the way, it overall makes you a more well-rounded person who can discuss both Tupac and Eazy-E when you’re with your thugish mates, and you can also discuss Koop with the jazzy lady at the lounge, and you can even discuss Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker symphony No. 2 when you’re trying to impress that upscale aristocratic female at the cocktail party.



  • Dennis said:

    I tend to listen to one type of music myself, but when I’m at a club I don’t mind those beats either. But it does hype up my mood, as you’ve said.

  • James said:

    Lol I can’t believe you played classical music on a date. Great shite! Who cares what the girls wants to hear, it’s all about your wants haha.

  • Camille said:

    You may think that people are all different from one another even in song genre I tend to listen to hard rock in my room and it doesn’t mean that I am weird I am just much relax in the atmosphere of rock and roll on the contrary sometimes I prefer soft musics too.


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