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Show Him Another Side of You

13 September 2010 No Comment

My next door neighbor was coming over to hang out sometimes, well I had went
out with my friends and got drunk and had a 4 some with some guys that I
met. I had felt really bad about it so I came home and told my room mate
about it. Well when my neighbor came over to chill for a lil while my room
mate brought that up. And then when he knew I did that he was interested in
talking to me. So he told me to go to his house one day and when I went
there we had sex. Then the last three days I have been on my period so I’ve
been giving him blow jobs. Well my room mate opened her mouth again and told
him that she thought I was starting to like him. And he texted me and told
me not to fall in love cause I would end up hurt. Well the truth is that I
really have started to like him. But yesterday he told me that he wanted to
fuck one more time and then call it quits. I really want something more with
him. But I feel like he doesn’t want that. But then I told him that I would
be going with my friend this weekend, the one I had the 4 some with, and he
told me I shouldn’t go. I don’t if that’s cause he doesn’t want me to fuck
someone else or if its cause he’s so much older than me. He’s 6 years older
than me. But I really want more than just to fuck with him. I don’t know
what to do please help me.

It seems like he became fond of the idea that you are into this liberal notion of sex without any real attachment due to the 4-some story, and he believed you’re the type of girl that could handle a purely sexual relationship. So now that you have began to like him, he is ready to call it quits, which is understandable because he was never interested in getting into anything more serious with you. However, the fact that you were to go out with your 4-some buddy on the weekend and he advised that you don’t definitely says something about him. I believe that he is beginning to be more interested in you as well, but he does not know if you’re a girl that he would like to see himself taking things to the next level. Like it or not, men as I’m sure women as well, have an idea of the type of woman he would like to date and the type of woman he would like to only have fun with. He never showed any interest in you prior to discovering that you are into 4-somes and casual sex, so there was nothing happening between you two at that time. When he discovered that fact, he rapidly took interest and saw you as “that type of girl” who he could have fun with without any serious strings attached. You grew fond of him and things got complicated. Your main goal now is to show him that you’re not only a type of girl who can be fun, but you’re the type of girl that would make for a good girlfriend that he can trust. It is good that he asked you not go out with your 4-some buddy, because that obviously shows that he cares if you sleep with someone else. I don’t know if you ended up going or not but it would be best if you did not end up going with that friend that weekend in order to show this guy that you are willing to be that girl he can be with without having to worry.

The Girl of His Dreams

First of all, a trust between you two must develop, and also a portrayal on your behalf that you are interested in becoming his girlfriend. He knows that you like him thanks to your flatmate, so now you have to make it evident that you don’t just want to have sex with him but you would like to do things that couples do such as dinners, emotional support, etc. Be a little bit open with him then you would when you just begin to date someone. Go over to his place to hang out and invite him to clubs or bars. When you two are out, do not flirt with other men and make sure he sees that you are in fact keen on only caring what he thinks. It is crucial that you make him see that he is the central person in your mind when it comes to men. Make him feel like you’re his girl only and that you’re not as sexually open with other men as he may think. Take it from there and also try to get him to open up to you more. Getting him to share his past and relating to his interests will help you a lot to get him to like you and see you as someone who has depth, complexity, and sophistication.

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