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Signs that You’re a Fuck Buddy

20 March 2011 6 Comments

I don’t even know where to start..i just found your website about fuck buddies
and its great and all but I really need your advice on this. I have a fuck
buddy but it didn’t start out that way I ended up meeting him through a
friend and he asked for my number. So one night he texted me and we ended up
hanging out and then the next and the next just getting to know each
other. Then we ended up having sex. We still hung out after but always ended
up having sex. And then it became more or less like when I needed sex or he did
we would just call or text each other being straight forward saying “I’m
horny, come over” and i didn’t mean for it to turn out that way nor do I want
it that way but this dude has a child which comes with a baby
mother. When we get together he will sit down we will talk about whatever
happened that day and slowly get into it, sometimes we will have sex and he
will leave right after but then there are times where we will hang out for a
few hours touching, feeling, cuddling, flirting, talking, and if i have anything
on my mind that i believe was fucked up or rude for him to say i will tell
him and he will respond to it. So i was wondering if you think this guy
cares for me at all because I am totally confused because he will act jealous
sometimes or ask what i did the night before since he wasn’t able to come or
even text me saying “fuck you I’m all set, go have fun with %^$&* ” i didn’t
want it to turn out this way ’cause i am so attracted to him, hes a cool ass
dude and enjoy his company. Also he is my only fuck buddy if he doesn’t
answer my call or isn’t around i don’t have sex and i saw that you should have
a rotation. Also could you give me some ways or sign that I can tell if he
even gives a fuck or if I’m strictly a fuck buddy.

I’m glad to say that it seems like he is interested in you as someone more than someone that he just wants to see on fuck dates. The responses he gives when you hang out with others and the way he treats you after sex at times is very much like a relationship that just hasn’t been made official. I believe that he is just as confused as you about where things are headed and what you’re thinking about him. The fact that you have sex each time you meet up doesn’t really necessarily mean that you’re strictly fuck buddies because obviously you’re doing this more often than someone who just calls on those occasions that they’re horny and they don’t have anything better to do. You sound like you think about him and I believe this goes both ways. He is not just interested in sleeping with you when he can’t find someone to go out with, but he calls you to hang out and just because you both enjoy each others’ company, you end up sleeping together, which is definitely normal. I’m not saying that he may not be seeing other girls on the side, because there’s just no way for me to know. But what I do think is that if you two made things official then he wouldn’t be second guessing what is happening and he will be happy to make things more formal between you two.

Now, for your question about the signs to watch out for to see if you are just a man’s fuck buddy and nothing more, I’ve formulated a list:

    -He does not take you out to dates that don’t end up with sex.
    -He makes sure that you do not think you are in a relationship by dropping hints or talking about other girls he may be interested
    -Though some women may believe that a man who only perceives you as a fuck buddy will not text or call you unless he wants to sleep with you that day, that is in fact a fallacy. A man will drop you a text once in a while just to be nice and that you don’t think he is only using you for sex.
    -He will not do a lot of cuddling after sex. He may stick around to be nice, but you may sense a little anxiety that shows his desire to leave or just do something else.
    -He will not introduce you to most of his friends, if any.
    -He will not introduce you as his “girlfriend” but rather a “friend” when you do meet people that he knows.

These are some of the basic signs that you should look out for, and as time goes by I will update it to let women know how men tend to act when he perceives you as his fuck buddy.


  • angelettla said:

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  • kim said:

    Hi I I met this guy 7 month ago we had a onenight stand and swaped numbers and he text me all the time even the hole time he was on holiday we met up a few times even with the kids. And we also had sex about 4 times but then I stoped it all after him saying he wasn’t ready for commitment . And because I felt he wonted me too go sraight after sex or he would just get up and go . Well I meet back up with him a few month ago and we have had sex abot 3 times but we don’t do out ells altho we do text a lot abd iv asked again if he won’t out ells but he says he just can’t commit wonts to just not yet . When we text it normaly gets rude what do I do is this ever going any were or is he just playing me ?

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    Kat Reply:

    Hunni, you are his fuck buddy. He most likely won’t see you as anything more. He texts you to keep you sweet but the fact that he never commits to you or takes you out without the date ending in sex says to me that he’s only after the end result.

    You need to think about if you want this kind of man in your life. If you feel he’s more then you need to tell him and cut off all sex until he decides it’s you he wants and not just the sex. It will be difficult and you may get very hurt but at least you will know for sure what he really wants.

    And then look for someone who will treat you right and like the lady you are.

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  • melissa said:

    Hi, I got myself a fuck buddy. It started out like that. Then we started hanging out everyday and spending every night together. He began telling me how much he loved me. The other day I had to go do something with my son and I didn’t answer my phone when he called he ended things. Today I went to the doctors and found out I was pregnant. He told me that I was just a fuck buddy and shouldn’t of caught feelings. I’m completely lost please help.

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