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Use Social Media To Become Successful

11 March 2009 4 Comments

As years passed, I noticed that there’s a big difference between someone who is simply cool and someone who is truly Boss. In fact, as I was growing up, making money illegally by hustling a little here and there would constitute someone as being pretty cool. Not caring for the law, doing some transactions here or jumping a kid for his flashy necklace there would be some fun and “cool” stuff to do. But as I grew, I realized that continuing a life of “coolness” would just lead to a place many of my acquaintances have gone to, some for months, others for years. I knew that I needed to smarten up and quit that dumb shite. So as I got out of high school and moved on into the adult-world, I figured that making a few hundred dollars from hustling has way too much risk and the reward was definitely not worthy.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m really into films like The Godfather, and Michael Corleone was definitely not running around committing street crimes. I analyzed his actions and saw that to be a true Boss, I really needed to become educated. The best part about becoming a knowledgeable human being is that once you pursue becoming an intellectual, you in fact become interested in smarter people. You broaden your circle of friends into having mates that are also interested in knowledge. And as I looked around, I noticed that in this day and age, these successful Bosses were both ballsy and smart. They didn’t just go around causing havoc, but they focused their energy to learning things that will help them make money in the future. So with this post, I wanted to explain that knowledge is in fact power. In the end those stupid little hustles may make you a few hundred dollars today, but you must think about the long-run. You must instead be productive and aim to build an empire.

Now, I’ve got a question to my readers: What are you mostly using social media for? Fun, entertainment, to keep track of friends, to make money, to educate yourself, or for some other reasons?

While I find it difficult to use social media for anything but to entertain myself when I’m bored, it can in fact serve as one of the greatest learning tools. For example, I would advise everyone to Subscribe to TED Talks on YouTube. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/TEDtalksDirector. So instead of using YouTube to listen to the latest thing 50 Cent said about Rick Ross, you can learn something from Don Norman’s speech on how beauty and design makes us happy. You can learn from and use these TED Talks by implementing them into your life, whether it be to market a product better or simply to broaden your view on the world. This is just one of many utilities that are out there both on the internet, in the library or learning institutions that can be beneficial in your life as a Boss. As they say, life is a lesson, so expand your mind to taking in as much as possible from as many outlets as possible.

Stay smart, stay boss.


  • Adam Pieniazek said:

    It’s funny how as we grow older what constitutes cool changes dramatically. I think many people can relate to your idea of hustling vs. growing, and as I passed my first quarter century of life on this planet this past December, I realized that I still had a way to go until I became the person I want to be.

    As for social media, I’m using it to network and find like minded individuals, market my business (the42ndestate.com), and learn about new trend, technologies and ideas. Of course, I also use it to entertain myself and re-connect with old friends, but that’s part of the reason I love social media. It’s a tool that is multi-faceted and can be used for fun and work at the same time.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Adam: About this whole growing thing, I’ve even noticed that over the past few months of my blog, my mentality on life has been changing. If you look at my older posts, you can tell they are somewhat more childish as compared to the advice I give now.
    I have nothing against using social media to interact and connect or re-connect with friends, but I noticed that there are people that use it strictly for those reasons when it could be used on a much greater, and more beneficial level. As you’ve said, it is in fact multi-faceted, and people should balance its use.

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  • Katie said:

    I particularly like this post. Even though many tend to like the “cool, bad” type of guy, in the end its the successful ones that win in the longrun. It’s important to mix it up and balance. Also, I mostly use social media to network with friends, and even though many people have been telling me about how i can make lots money by suing social media to my advantage, i never got into it. Maybe I’ll give it a go as you said. I like the part about TED Talks, thanks for that, very informative stuff.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Katie: Yeah, there are many opportunities to make money with social media. You should look into it. But even though it’s not as easy as some say it might be, it’s definitely something I’d suggest getting into if you’ve got the time and if you’re interested.

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