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What are people saying about Robby G’s dating advice? Have a look for yourself! These are some testimonials from devoted readers and advice seekers.

Robby G,

This is not a question, just a thank you. Your advice is pretty amazing, and
you fill a unique role in understanding relationships. Keep up the amazing work
and if you have written a book, or are going to, I’m buying it.

Thanks again,


I stumbled across your website when I typed in “how to turn a fuck buddy
into something more” and google pulled up your site as one of the top five

I like your no non-sense, practical, very honest advice that isn’t
condescending, but optimistic in a way.

Just wanted to say thank you for the point of view from a guy’s perspective!


I sent you an email yesterday (asking for your advice) but had not really
read many of your posts at that point. I have read quite a few since and
just wanted to say your posts and advice are really insightful. You say it
how it is but are good with your delivery of telling boys/girls (who are
attached) some of the harsh realities of their situations. Anyway, just
wanted to say you’re doing a great job.


I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. My original post is “Should I Expect His Call” from May 1. I married my high
school boyfriend when I was 22 and have been married to him ever since (I’m
hoping to change that soon. We have nothing in common anymore) I’m now 46. I
have zero experience dating men.That’s why I’ve been asking you so much, but
I think you and I both agree that my “friend” will keep me in his hip
pocket, as the saying goes, and I certainly hope to hear from him again. He
has a small child and told me from the beginning that the child always has
and always will come first. I told him that’s exactly as it should be – I’m
NO home wrecker! So thanks again for your patience with me – I don’t exactly
have many people I can ask about this!


“Hey Robby,

I seriously appreciate your open and honest advice here…even with women!
It’s really hard to figure you guys out, and you are straightforward with
us…no bullshit. You know how girls always feed each other bullshit, so
it’s nice to have someone who can give straight-up advice! Thanks, buddy
:o) I’ll be following your site regularly.”

-Rose Marie

“Hey Robby G thanks for the advice. It was awesome to have a guy’s opinion on
my love life. Thank you so much. It has been so beneficial.”


“I found your site while looking for dating advice and it makes so much
sense. Its helped me realize quite a bit about men and changed the way I
approach them and converse with them.

Thanks so much,”


“A random online search for dating advice has led me to your site, and the solution to my problems. Robby, I’m really grateful for your help, and all the kind personal messages. Girls (and boys), write to Robby if you have problems, he’s the dating guru of our times.”


“I read all your past posts.  And I’m definitely going to read all your future post as well.  I still can’t get over how much you know, and how solid and sound the advice is. 
More than a couple of your posts (alongside your replys to my “May the best man win” questions) have pulled me across, the abyss of “not really sure or certain what to do or think here” to the cold, hard realities of a place called Earth.  Well, it’s waaaay better to learn the RIGHT (and occasionally painful) way now, then keep doing the WRONG crap for another 5+ years.
In 10 years from today, I’m almost scared (and super, super looking forward) to see your mad skills and hear your advice then.  Keep writing Robby G and I will keep on reading, bro!!”


“Thank you so much Robby G. You have helped me through my predicament, bigtime. I hope you don’t mind me around the next time I have such dilemmas. More power to you!”


“I am telling all my girls to write to you! I gave u the nickname ‘Robby G Love’ specialist.” “Best dating advice on the web ladies and gents. Its good to get an outsiders outlook @robby_G13 LOVE SPECIALIST”

Tweeted by @racheallee

“Thanks for answering email. I stumbled across your site yesterday, and found it refreshing. Most relationship sites seem to give a lot of similar info. When I read yours, I felt the human factor was included.”


“I found the site and was stoked when I started reading the posts and the Q and A topics. Although the site is designed for guys, girls can surely get a peek into the male mind and benefit from the info and advice. I had an issue with unchartered territory in a fuck buddy relationship and Robby set me straight in only a few lines! I check the site on the regular and would not hesitate to post again if I have any more issues that require some straight forward advice on dating and sex!! Love ya Robby =)”


I came across Robby’s website about a year ago and I am glad I did. He
offered me to ask him questions on dating advice. I asked him “how to get a
fuck-buddy for me and my gf” and “how to get a girl’s number at a pub”,
which he kindly and effectively answered in two of his posts.

I used to be the kind of guy who would do anything for my girl. I learned
the hard way that women are experienced, vile minxes. So the single best
piece of advice I’ve learned from Robby is “Whatever, fuck it, if this is
what the world has come to, then be it. We’ll be the ones taking advantage
of it.” (Fundamental Rules to the Game)

“Following Robby’s smooth advice (Secrets to Hooking Up at a Pub) I finally
got the confidence and flirted with a waitress I liked and had a very fun


I think you’re right – again!
I just wanted to run it by you because
as I said, this is my first FB experience so I’m not sure how to interpret
these things. I’ll let you know how it goes, and thanks again for your


“I recently asked Robby G for his advice on a personal matter about a certain
woman in my life. He understans men and women from where they come from,
their feelings and thoughts. Robby G told me straight up what his thoughts
were and gave me some advice on my post “Serious Relationships are Sometimes
Best Left Alone”. He doesn’t play games, he says it like it is. I truly
took his words to heart and so far everything has been smooth sailing.
Thanks Robby G!”


“You are awesome! I really appreciate your advice and I really needed an outsiders opinion that can relate to “real life situations.” We did have dinner last friday night and discussed who and what we were. Had a great talk…It may or may not become anything but I am good at the game and will play wisely
Thanks again! I appreciate it!”

-Racheallee Lacek

“You once answered a question I had about how to kiss a friend I had the hots for, on which I succeeded.
I just wanted to thank you for the many nights of fun I had thanks to your advice, not only with that particular friend, but many other strangers and friends. I am now in a relationship with a girl I liked since I first saw her, and chose for myself from that moment.
You helped me build up my confidence and in knowing how to behave properly. Things would have been a lot tougher if I hadn’t found your site. Thanks a lot!”

-Ralenti Ray

“Thank you for responding!
I totally wasn’t even expecting something personal. 🙂
That was so amazing and so perfect. Thank you so so so much! :)”


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