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Texas Hold ‘em

13 November 2008 3 Comments

(Note: This post was written while my old poker theme was still installed)


The first kind of shite I’d like to mention in this here blog that I’m into is of course poker. As you can see by my weblog theme, I really like poker. Casinos overall are great, but there’s just something about Texas Hold ’em that beats any other game. It’s not like roulette, which I know little about, but still will say doesn’t compare close to Hold ’em. I really think a lot more thought and mental capacity goes into playing Hold ’em rather than watching some round ring spin and a little ball land on a number. Not only there are odds in poker, but you also have to know how to read a player. The whole reading-your-opponent thing is mainly why I don’t play poker online. If you can’t see who you’re playing, the only way you can tell what he’s gonna do is by watching how he’s been playing for the past few hands: is he conservative, loose, does he bluff often, or is he a chaser… etc, etc. But that entire feeling of sitting there and watching his pinky twitch a little to the side is missing.


My friend got this sick poker table and a nice set of poker chips online recently and there’s a poker picture you can click on to see where he got it. Also, click now and type “pokerholiday” into the promo code area and receive a discount. Discount ends on New Years. If you didn’t read the About page yet, I’m gonna be showing places you can get any of the shite I talk about on my blog. But it’s not gonna be shite I don’t like, like for example calendars with different breeds of dogs for each month, even though I’d probably be more successful writing about shite I Don’t like, because there’s a hell of a lot more shite I hate in this world and would never ever consider buying, or rebuying, if I’ve bought it and hated it.


Anyone watch the World Series of Poker finals the other day? Damn, congrats to the 22 year old Dane, Peter Eastgate who took down the $9 mil cash prize. It seems like the winners get younger and younger as time goes by. The second prize of $6 mil went to 27 year old Ivan Demidov, and third went to someone I didn’t pay too much attention to. But my point is Peter Eastgate is a collage dropout who is now richer than me or you. To all the kids out there, school isn’t the only way to get rich. Just sit around a poker table, learn to shuffle a stack of chips with one hand, and make sure not to get emotions in the way of logic. And you’re set. Making money hasn’t been easier.


PS: Sarcasm can be a real bitch sometimes if it doesn’t get through over the internet properly.


  • Ted said:

    Robby G, this looks like a nice first post. great layot. Keep up the good work. Interested in what else kind of shite you like 🙂 Cheers to you too.

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  • ron said:

    I agree. This is like “stuff white people like” blog but more personal and with links to where we can actually get the stuff. Oh and this blog definetely has more balls, if I may say.

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  • Craig's Lisp said:

    @ron, I wouldn’t really make the connection between the two blogs. I really like the fact that there are links to places we can purchase or download or whatever the stuff Robby is talking about. Good work.

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