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The Beginning to a Successful Relationship

2 November 2010 One Comment

I met a guy, through a mutual friend. As we talked, we found out that we
both grew up in Asia and went to sister schools. A few weeks later, I added
him on Facebook and we had an hour long chat about music and other random
bits of music. He’s a DJ. I made my way up to the city with friends one
night and asked him to meet up with us. We spent the whole night hanging
out/talking. He bought my friends drinks, introduced me to his friends.
Great night! He asked me to come home with him, I declined- wanting to play
coy. We stayed up texting each other till 4am that night.
There were a couple facebook wall posts initiated by him throughout the week,
and an invite to his birthday in the city for the following weekend.
I was in the city again 5 days later, and text him. He asked me to come
over, I told him that my friends wouldn’t let me leave unless he came and
got me. He did, left his phone number with my best friend and assured him he
would take me to my best friend’s house the next morning (30 miles away!!!)
After we hooked up, he spooned me the whole night and in the morning lent
me clothes to wear so I wouldn’t have to do the walk of shame in my party
clothes. Mind you this was after I fell off his bed, yanked his door knob
out of it’s socket, ripped his boxer shorts, and completely vampire hickeyed
his neck(talk about disaster). He also offered to walk downstairs and drive
his car around the block and park out front of his building so I wouldn’t
have to walk too far in my walk of shame outfit ( one of his large Tshirts
and a hoodie).
We drove to my best friends house and just chatted and laughed the entire
time. We kissed goodbye and I told him I would see him at his bday. He
insisted I kept his shirt- so I would be comfy on the ride home.
I was running late to his bday party on Saturday night, I was at another
friends party. When I came in I greeted him hello (he was at a bar, crowded
with multiple friends) with a hug. He complimented my jacket, because it
matched his pants. I made a comment about the Vneck he was wearing since it
was the shirt I slept in at his house. This also displayed all his hickeys.
Not much really happened, he got cake shoved in his face, and I licked it
off. I eventually had to leave because a friend got sick. I told him to text
me, if he wanted to hang out later. I ended up passing out, but he did text
me at 3:30 am asking how my friend was. I text him when I woke up saying, I
was sorry that I missed his 3am text because I passed out. I didn’t hear
from him till later that night, saying he had a busy day- and asking how my
day was.

My question is. WHAT is going on here? I like the guy. Am I reading too much
into it?!? HELPPP

Well to me it seems like a beginning to a very promising relationship. You both clearly like each other and you sound like you’re having a great time. He obviously didn’t just want you for the sex because even after he slept with you, he was very nice the way he treated you and didn’t do anything that would imply that he wants some distance. You two sound very cute together and you should keep doing what you’re doing if you want this to turn more serious. He sounds smart in not doing anything that may sabotage his chances with you. He treats you very well and he continues to do everything right. He sees that you like him and he plays into it yet without giving up too much information about himself. He sounds like someone who knows what he’s doing and is very mature when it comes to the world of dating. He isn’t playing around or acting elementary, which tends to ruin people’s chances once there is a connection formed, so be happy about that.

As I said, if you want this relationship to develop just keep being yourself and don’t incorporate any devious plans or games to get him, because sometimes this open-ness that you share is the perfect way to get what you want. My suggestion would be for you not to rush anything and just keep going at the pace you urrently are and everything should fall into place. I know this is a short response, but there isn’t much advice that you really need here. Enjoy what you have. Cheers!

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    Right on-this helped me sort tnhgis right out.

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