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The Biggest Turn-Offs Women Can Avoid

1 April 2010 2 Comments

In a past post entitled “What I Look for in a Girlfriend” I discussed the 10 criteria that makes a great girlfriend, but now I want to share with you things in women that I personally find as complete turn-offs. I’m not going to discuss looks here, but mostly the turn-offs that can be fixed by the woman (for the most part) and ones they can change into positive aspects about themselves. So for all those women who wanted to know what it is that the man most likely does not like about you, it is most likely one (or more than one) of the following things I will discuss. Of course, this is very subjective and some men may not focus on these specific turn-offs as much as me, but I’d say for the most part men share these views, so women, be safe and try to avoid these next points.

    Acting Needy:

One of the worst things about a woman is when she acts needy and constantly calls to either tell you her problems or just to complain or tell you how happy she is about being with you. A woman really should know the limits to how much a man can take before saying that he’s had enough of her. When the woman lays all her cards out and then acts like you owe her your time and patience is when she has gone too far and went beyond the threshold.

    She’s too Hairy:

Sorry, I know this is a shallow one, but I’ve gotta put it out there. Excessive hair on women, whether it’s on their arms, face, legs, etc are a huge turn-off. If you can, I suggest wax or try laser-hair removal, because I don’t care how beautiful the rest of her features are, if she is hairy then all bets are off. It’s something about it that just makes me cringe.

    It’s Been One Date:

If I’ve been on only one date with a girl and I’m just testing the waters with her, she should not assume we are officially dating. Some women just misread men completely and take a mere compliment far beyond its intent and start thinking the man is leading her on. Then they start acting like a girlfriend and even gets mad if you do not return the belief. Until the man makes it official that you two are exclusive, there is no need to think otherwise. This is a huge turn off when a woman acts like a girlfriend when in fact it’s just been a harmless date.

    Talking Before Sex:

When you’re both in the mood for sex and everything is set and you’re about to embrace each other, one thing which may seem completely minor can wreck the entire mood and serve as a full turn-off. When the woman begins to talk about mundane, unimportant subjects that the man is clearly in no mood to hear about ruins it all. A woman should know when to differentiate what is appropriate to talk about in bed from what is not (like how the fish at the restaurant was undercooked).

    System of Commands:

This one also serves as a turn-off when the couple is getting into it and about to have sex, and then the woman begins to bark orders at the man. Let the man play his role and be the man when he’s in bed. Unless you’re into some fetish fantasy, the woman should try not to create commands for the man, but instead go with the flow. Of course, if she finds something uncomfortable or undesirable then she should say something, but she shouldn’t kill the vibe by incorporating a systematic set of commands for the man to follow.

Women, now that you know the biggest turn-offs that men can feel towards you, you can easily make some changes if you want the man to not be turned-off by you. These changes are usually very minor, but they create the biggest difference. And men, if you’ve got any more turn-offs in mind that I may have missed, write them out in the commnet section and I’ll try to update the post with them incorporated.


  • Rita Margarita said:

    I agree with most of these “turn-offs” but I’d have to disagree with your last one: System of Commands. I am a girl, and I have experience in bed with guys and so many of them find it so sexy that (in your words) I “bark orders” at him. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean, but I thought that men find it sexy when girls give commands and take charge. I’ve heard that men find it boring when they’re the ones that are in charge all the time in the bedroom.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Rita: Thanks for your comment. With system of commands, I mean to say that it’s almost like she puts strict limitations on what he can or cannot do and kills the vibe by only open to her own ways of sleeping with the man. Some men may like the woman to take control, but it is important for the woman to allow the man to do his own thing as well when he desires to. But if she constantly disrupts his methods, it can be one of the biggest turns offs.

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