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30 September 2010 No Comment

I need advice. I have been chatting to a man for about a month and recently
we went on a date, he lives three hours away. Needless to say we found
ourselves very compatible and attracted to one another and we ended up
sleeping together. I felt a bit sad later, as I felt this may jepordize any
chance of a relationship. Well we still talk and text, and I am going to be
near his city for my job so we are going to meet for dinner. How should I
act on this date if I want to be his girlfriend, or one day something
serious? I think he is interested still, but I also think that it is crucial
to play this right.
Please help.

If you play it right on the date then you will surely be able to convince him to want to date him and not just become his friend with benefits. Just because you slept with him already may make him expect to get to sleep with you again the next time you meet, but it is good that you scheduled an official date rather than going over to his place. Depending on how often you meet (if it is rather often) then I would suggest against sleeping with him on your next date, becasue that will show him that you are in fact interested in something more than just an occasional sex date. It will show him that you enjoy his company and spending time with him is as or even more important to you than having sex.

During the Date
When you’re on the date with him, you should try to lure him into an emotional chokehold, to put it bluntly. You must play it with a lot of charm and slight innocense so he sees a woman that wasn’t the same one that was in the bedroom. I know that all men have different tastes in women, but when it comes to a man choosing how he would prefer a woman to act on a date with him there are somethings that resonate with most men. Elegance with a mixture of mystery is something that will make him want to spend more time with you and get to know you better. Also, play to your advantage by studying im more. Learn if he’s more of a speaker or a listener; if he likes to lead or follow; is he likes to argue or is easy-going; if he is confident or insecure, and on what subjects, and play into those hands. Though people think that attraction occurs through chemistry, the biggest influence is communication. If you are able to talk to him and understand him better than other women then he will start falling for you. Be attentive and really act like you care about whatever he is talking about. Of course try to add your own ideas into the conversation, but really listen to what he says. That, with a mixture of not revealing too much about yourself but keeping yourself mysterious to an extent will get him interested in you, and you will not be just another woman he sleeps around with, but someone he respects and would like to get to know better.

After the Date
Again, depending on how the date goes and how often you see each other, decide whether or not to sleep with him. When you go your separate ways, however, do not reveal to him that you had the best time and that you can’t wait to see him again. Be slightly nonchalant, but not to an extent where he may get thoughts that you did not enjoy yourself. This will make him want to pursue you and impress you, and shortly after this date you will be in control of this relationship rather than keep wondering if he is interested in starting a relationship with you.

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