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The Etiquette of Sleeping with a Married Woman

26 December 2009 18 Comments

I think it’s finally time to reveal to the world the etiquette of sleeping with a married woman. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to find yourself a woman who was married, beautiful, elegant, and still willing to sleep with you on the side, then you may not know a few things you need to keep in mind. When starting a relationship with a married woman, you must know that you have to approach the whole thing much differently than how you’d approach starting a relationship with a woman who is single. There are pre-cautions you must take and have the ability to keep a balance between what you can and cannot do in that relationship. If you’re used to a standard relationship where there is no risk and no serious secrecy, then it’s best to keep to what you know and continue on that path, but if you’re into something wilder, then a relationship with a married woman can really spice your life up. The only difference between a man that gets caught and screwed at the end of that relationship and the one who slips out unscathed is how they prepare themselves beforehand.

1. Know Your Priorities and Don’t Promise the Moon

When you’re with her, you must never forget the fact that she has a husband and therefore you shouldn’t try to push on her anything beyond going on dates and sleeping together. It is a mistake to want to get her to jump ship unless you are certain that you are ready and willing to take her husband’s position. And whenever anything of that nature is discussed, you should not even make references to the idea of going beyond sex and a simple good time. You must know your own priorities and what you want to get out of this relationship before even committing sexually. That’s the first basic step in the etiquette of sleeping with a married woman: do not make her think you are planning to give her more than you are willing in terms of a future together.

2. Understand Her Position

Respect the idea that she is married and know that you are not the number one man in her life. This is where men tend to screw up most. They sometimes expect more from the married woman than they should. She also has other priorities in life… like living a married life. You are simply a sideshow for her. Sure, she may treat you like a king when you two are together, but when you are apart, you have no rights over her at all. Anything you say can always backfire by her telling you that you’re only there for one thing. So you must really suppress any form of jealousy that may be evoked by the notion that she goes back to another man every night. Initially, you should know not to invest any emotional attachment, but sometimes that is unavoidable, so the next best thing you can control is your jealousy.

3. Respect the Boundaries

Be smart when it comes to issues with her husband. Try to avoid conversations about their marriage as much as possible. If she ever mentions how badly she may think of her husband, try to change the subject. It’s bad enough you’re sleeping with the man’s wife, but if you were to add trash talk into the mix, that’s just not okay. Also, when she begins talking about her husband, she is bringing her mind back to her “miserable” life, but your only real function in the relationship is to make her forget about her marital complaints. This step goes beyond just talking trash about her husband though. Do not cross the boundaries of what you may or may not say and also what you may or may not do. A man sleeping with another man’s wife cannot, for example, call in the middle of the night when he’s feeling lonely. There shouldn’t be any excuse to why you screwed up and somehow got her husband involved in any way possible, whether it be through calling her and accidently having him pick up the phone when you’re drunk and horny, or when you decide you’re the “better” man and you may feel you need a man-to-man talk with her husband.

4. Be the One to Plan Ahead

Though this one can be applied to any relationship, I think it is crucial in a relationship with a married woman. You must be the one to always plan where you will meet, figure out the right times to call each other, how often you can sleep together, and discover little details about how you must manoeuvre around so her husband doesn’t end up finding anything out. You cannot leave any of these details to chance or even to her, because you cannot trust how reliable she can be when it comes to this issue. But remember, don’t look at all this as a chore, but instead as strategic planning so you don’t get burned at the end. Also, stay smart and be sure to use protection and you’re good to go.

This list of etiquettes of sleeping with a married woman are sure to not get you in any heated situations where you may be confronted with problems that you thought you couldn’t handle. However, the risk element is always there and coincidences do happen, but it’s important that your well-planned and executed steps see as little room for flaw as possible. I have gone beyond simple etiquette here, and described important measures that must be taken and hope that hasn’t discouraged you from having a risky and fun adventure as long as you go into the relationship with a clear mind and enough self-confidence.


  • Al said:

    Another great post, love it Robby G, men and people in general world-wide benefit from your posts! Love how you discuss the risky stuff like being with a married woman , you just cant find too many people willing to shell out this type of advice.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Al: I’m really thankful for this comment. It’s all based on personal experience and I’m glad it’s helpful for everyone in these situations.

  • Walter said:

    Hey, this is a nice advice. I’m going to remember this should an opportunity comes. 🙂
    .-= Walter´s last blog ..Reconsidering Love =-.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Walter: Thanks. Yeah, trust me it’ll help you out in not having to deal with an angry husband at the end of it all.

  • Ella Robinson said:

    i just thought that married life is the happiest point of my life.-“

  • Lily Evans said:

    married life is a bit exciting but you will have lots of responsibilities.;-~

  • Colton Diaz said:

    married life is the happiest part of a persons life if the wife and husband really love each other*’,

  • WLAN Router  said:

    married life is actually the best if both the man and the woman compliments each other~.`

  • Sweetie Bracelet : said:

    i think the married life is the most special time where a man and woman shares each others blessings and commitment-`;

  • Petite Tops said:

    married life is of course a very happy life, all you need to do is find some happiness deep inside yourself *.,

  • greg said:

    this is exactly whats going on with my life right now. great read. thank you!

  • jimbob said:

    If you’re sleeping with a married one, what would be the etiquette for exclusivity in that relation from the single’s side.. is it ok for the single to be sleeping with someone else too? How open should they be about this, if at all?

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Jimbob: That really depends on how you two are with each other. For instance, I would still see girls on the side, but I wouldn’t have relationships with them, they were just friends with benefits. I didn’t tell the married woman about them, and she never really asked.

  • Alston said:

    It was nice to study through your article. I really loved the little while that I put in looking through it and needed to leave a comment to mention that….Cheers

  • zemial said:

    This is what I was got involved with last year but now she decided to work on her marriage so I fell more in the friend category..we still talk and text but its hasn’t gotten anything more than that..don’t know the opportunity will come up again to have fun with her..

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  • Jeromy Scamardo said:

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  • Devin said:

    I’ve got a married friend. I sure would like to get with! I’m probably just dreaming. But dreams are nice too. I see no harm in sleeping with a married woman. As long as you don’t get her pregnant! If that don’t happen. Then think of sleeping with her. Just like having a cup of coffee or other drink with her.

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