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The Good Life in 2010

8 February 2010 3 Comments

MDMA got you feeling like a champion. I’ve gotta say that life is great. I’ve been going back and forth from Canada to Netherlands and back and forth again and life has been amazing in both countries. Sure, Amsterdam is 100 times better, but seeing family and friends in Toronto hasn’t been that bad either. I’ve been feeling real good lately not because I’ve been drinking–which is something I decreased severely–but I’ve been only focusing on positive things in life. I’ve been listening to positive music such as Young Forever and watching movies such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Basically, I’ve realized that life isn’t about how much money you have in your pocket, but how much joy you receive from everyday life.

Questions and Answers

I receive about 6 dating questions per week and I try to answer as many as possible, but at the same time I know that if I don’t finish what I need on an every day basis, then all of my tasks will circle around those dating questions. I feel obligated to answer those questions, but at the same time I feel the need to live and do things that will keep my ambitions going. I really appreciate the love that my blog has been receiving, but at the same time I’ve been working on something that should shape my blog and my future as a novelist in the near future.

Girls, girls, girls

Girls have always been a big part of my life, but recently they have just taken over my schedule. I, in fact, had to have decreased the amount of time I have been spending on girls just because they have gotten in the way of my studies. I am trying to finish my third year as a political science student, but at the same time I know that once this year is over and done with, I won’t be able to handle nothing but studies and trying to make as much money as possible. So for now I am trying to keep everything on an even keel and once my plans seem legit, I will turn my dreams into realities.

The Future

I’ve gotta say that the future looks bright any way I look at it. I have big plans for 2010 and I know that with the strength I’ve been working with this year, things should be falling into place quite soon enough and life should be better than I ever expected it. It feels like the year for change towards the right direction and I hope the best for all of my readers.


  • Dan said:

    Didn’t expect on running into you today, but nonetheless it’s good to know that all is well. Which reminds me that I still haven’t finished reading Civilized Savages and gotten around to a lot of other things.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Dan: Yeah, good seeing you. Wish I could’ve stayed to chat longer but I was running late to a place. When I get back from Amsterdam next time, I’ll let you know, we’ll go for beers.

  • Patron said:

    Positive VIBES! Robby shite sounds good big ups.

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