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The Key to Life Uncovered

14 March 2010 7 Comments

I was recently thinking a lot about life and what really motivates me to keep going everyday and enjoying the things I do. Usually this type of thought pattern leads to depression, but not this time, this time I came to a sort of revelation or realization. I have to speak for myself and can’t say that what I realized to be my meaning in life is the same for others, but I think it’s still worth stating, because it can be applied to everyone else’s life as well. When people say that they live for love, that’s something that can’t be applied to everyone else, because it takes time to find love and it means that there is another person involved in that form of happiness. I can say that I’ve been in love and can also say that though it was great while it lasted, the pain that came with it was something almost unbearable. Then once that was overcome, I heard people say that they find happiness in other things, like certain accomplishments, which really means that you have to strive for something for a significant amount of time for it to actually feel like an accomplishment, and though I believe there is an element of happiness involved in it, I found something that was much easier attainable that brought complete satisfaction.

My Biggest Enemy

It took me some time to figure out something about me which helped with identifying that one thing that brought me contentment. Each time I would get in a negative mood and feel unmotivated, I realized that it was simply brought on by boredom. Each time I was bored with something, it would put me in a thought pattern which led me to feeling uninspired and just out of character. The boredom would come anytime I felt like doing something different from what I was doing at the moment, but just didn’t pick myself up to actually making that change. Being bored and dwelling on that boredom kept me from living the life I wanted and the less I lived the life I wanted, the more I desired change. It was a vicious cycle of boredom and negativity, which couldn’t be resolved unless I incorporated a new element into the formula to get me to enjoy life and feel happy. That special element turned out to be excitement. Excitement turned out to be the key to my life.

Excitement… in What?

It didn’t really matter where I’d get the excitement, but all I knew (and know) is that the happiness in my life has always been in doing something excitement. From a young age, when I couldn’t go out and travel by myself, I used to be extremely fond of watching movies and reading books. I envisioned my life through the characters in the stories and that brought me some kind of excitement to believe that I was actually doing the things the people in the stories were doing. Then, when I got older, I had problems in listening to my authorities in school and in the streets and would do things that may not have been most beneficial to myself, but I’d do them just for kicks. I’d get into trouble, I’d get into fights, I’d get into situations which pumped up my adrenaline, obliterated any possibility of boredom at that moment, and got me feeling on top of the world and truly happy. I learned that getting into situations filled with excitement usually came with risk and negative consequences, but knowing that I was defeating boredom and receiving unmeasurable happiness kept me going.

Routine Living Began to Quickly Kill Me

At one point I did nothing but work a routine job and continuously study. At that point, I wouldn’t even have the strength to do anything exciting and that would bring back the boredom and make me miserable. Now, moving to Amsterdam, believing that I’d find that missing ingredient that made me happy, I realized that it didn’t have anything to do with me moving to a new country, but it was actually doing new and exciting things each and every day. And, it may come as a surprise, but you don’t have to be rich or even too well off to live an exciting lifestyle. It surely helps, but even just having the time to go out and not limit your actions and be open to getting into situations that will have you talking about that day out for years to come, that’s enough to live a satisfied life. Of course, you should sometimes think about the consequences beforehand, but hell, sometimes you should kick that “risky-actions-always-end-bad” Hollywood ending bullshit and do something exciting. Now, to leave you off with a quote from one man who lived a life more vigorously than a hundred men put together, think about this: “who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” – Hunter S. Thompson

Feel free to comment with your thoughts. What do you find happiness in?


  • Lauren said:

    Sounds like everything is going fine with you and that you know how to get rid of the blues anytime they make an impact on your life. Just be careful with all the excitement, it sometimes clouds our rationale and we get into trouble.
    I would say I find happiness in my family. I was away from them for sometime and it took that to realize they are the main ingredient in my life that keeps me going.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Lauren: Yeah, I definitely feel what you mean when you talk about family. I’m living far from my family and friends and do miss them. Took them for granted when they were always around.
    And I will be carefull with this whole exciteful living thing. I’ve been much more calm recently then in the past few year…. actually, that’s not true. But at least I’m getting in less trouble for this lifestyle than before.

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  • Marlo said:

    as lame as it may sound, I find happiness in my career. it’s not work or a job, it really feels like a hobby. Though I do get paid for it, which is a great part of it. i never had the guts to really brave the storm of life as hunter put it, but i don’t like thinking of myself as someone who just stayed securely on shore. I think I found some common ground between those. It’s a cool post nonetheless, I learned something about myself.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Marlo: I think finding happiness in a career is something very rare and should be cherished. I personally haven’t yet discovered that, unless you consider my writing a career, but I really haven’t made too much money off of it to call it that yet. Glad you learned something about yourself. I’m happy I can help people out with this blog, it’s really great to hear people say that I’ve been a help in any way. Cheers.

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  • patron said:

    I’m still seeking what truly makes me happy, hopefully it will be revealed to me soon.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Patron: Keep searching and it will be revealed. Most important is to keep positive and find things to satisfy in the meanwhile.

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  • Disha said:

    Great post!

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