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The Manic Adventures of a Decadent Soul

13 November 2009 2 Comments

Why do so many men fail with a woman before they even try to make a move? I asked myself this question and realized that you can’t blame the woman if she’s not interested. The man needs to ask himself, ‘why is she not interested in me?’ And the answer right there within the question, because you’re just not interesting. The title of post is used to introduce you to an idea of a man that many women cannot resist. To be interesting to a woman, a man must possess an adventures fire within him that makes him want to go out and try new things and be able to handle any sort of challenge while making it seem effortless.

Keeping Her Interested

There is basically three things I can think off the top of my head that a man can do to keep a woman interested:

  1. Be Adventurous: Learn to have the courage to go out and explore the world and get into stories and accidents and things that not everyone can go home and talk about easily that happens to them on an everyday basis. For example within the past three months I’ve lived in Amsterdam I’ve gotten into so many twisted stories that it’s enough to fill a book, while a few guys I know who live in the building across wouldn’t be able to tell you two stories that’ll keep you interested. How can someone who smokes and sleeps all day have something adventurous to tell a woman? But this means that you actually have to go out without caring where you’ll end up by the end of the night. Of course try to avoid stupid mistakes that may get you killed or severely injured, but take a risk or two and let the chips fall where they may. Women love a man, especially a new man they just met, that can go with the flow and not be uptight about every little thing that may happen.
  2. Unwind and take it easy: I have this mindframe that keeps me positive and the motto behind it is, “whatever happens, happens for the best.” This keeps me from caring too much about things that don’t make a difference in my life. Basically I think it goes synonymous with not giving a fuck to what happens and just doing whatever you enjoy and leads to getting some sort of entertainment out of your own life. Why sit home and watch movies and wish that could be you when you can get out there and get into shit yourself and see what the outcome will be. Women are interested in men that can say fuck it and do things they feel is right and don’t fold to them all of the time. Women don’t want to hear the same old thing from the man, “So what do you wanna do?” or “You’re so hot in that picture.” When I see a girl post a sexy picture of herself on Facebook, I go down to the comments and see lists of men just complimenting her on it when they really want to fuck her. What will saying “Oh baby, you’re so hot in that picture! Haven’t chilled in a long time, give me a call sometime” achieve? Nothing. You’ll just end up being one of many desperate, lame sounding guys that she won’t even reply to. Be a little bit more original and carefree in what you think she thinks you think of her.
  3. It’s just another day to you: When you’re telling her the stories that happened to you, you make her view you as an interesting and impulsive man. With your adventures you build a reputation for yourself–an image–that makes her question everything she thinks and knows about you. You become more mysterious to her and she wants to learn more. She wants to gain access to the life of your stories and take part in them. And the way you explain the stories, as if they happen on a regular basis (which they might) and they don’t mean too much to you, that is what captivates her and makes you someone way above the other guys chasing her. I personally hate to lie and tell stories that are fabricated, that’s why I tend to actually get into real weird stories firsthand and then have something interesting to talk about over lunch the next day. I also tend to be an adrenaline junkey so it’s important to get into something exciting once in a while that stands outside the character of what a normal person would do in my situation.

So it’s up to you to live an exciting life, which doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money, and it’s much easier when you’re trying to go for a girl because you will actually be a man she will be interested in because you actually have an interesting story or 10 in your sleeve. Go out there, travel, fuck around, go clubbing with Hell’s Angels, get into fights, sleep in the streets, and get yourself women wanting to hear more of your crazy, decadent adventures. Who knows, maybe you’ll even end up writing a best-seller about it one day.


  • Issac said:

    I find that all three points make perfect sense. its always the guy whos willing to take risks thats gonna get the girl, and all the experiences that come with those risks are a bonus that makes the girl want to stay with him. from now on all guys should just say “fuck it” and go for it, cause its better to know what was than what if. robby g this was an excellent post and i hope to read many more in the time to come.



  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Issac: Appreciate the love. Everyone say fuck it and go for it. Love the enthusiasm.

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