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The Power of the Internet

4 April 2010 No Comment

Thompson wisdom
The power of the fucking internet. Jesus, I had just finished writing a blog post– Sorry, that’s a lie. I had just finished writing a single paragraph for my upcoming ebook, when I decided I needed a break. Now, since I don’t own a television set, I went on the net to find something comical to watch. A moment later, I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on MegaVideo. For those who do not know MegaVideo, well it’s a site where you watch shows, but unless you purchase the upgrade, you can only watch a certain lengths of the show. Since I had watched something previously that day on MegaVideo, I could only watch five minutes of Curb, and then had to wait 72 minutes before I could continue watching.

Needless to say, I went on youtube to pass the time. And since my mind was relating Larry David with Woody Allen, I started watching interviews of him. Then I went on to Seinfeld stand-up comedies, then that evolved to surfing and watching Richard Pryor stand-up shows. What later followed was interviews of Dan Ackroyd, John Belushi, and Chevy Chase. I then saw Chase interviewing Bobby De Nero on his own show that he had once upon a time, I guess before openly criticizing NBC. Bobby inspired me to watch interviews of Johnny Depp, John Cusack, Gary Busey, and Bill Murray commemorating the great Hunter S. Thompson.

By then 72 minutes had elpased, but my interest had already shifted from Larry David to Hunter. I did not think I would be going out that night (or early morning), but after listening to the great adventures of Hunter S, I had an urge to put on The Doors album and chug down a few drinks. Now, as I sit ranting about this incredible power internet, and more specifically YouTube has, I am about to head out for another night of drinking and hopefully it’ll go as successfully as last night, minus the morning hangover and not remembering the name of the girl from last night.

Though Easter is usually a family holiday, my entire family is sort of scattered throughout the world right now and the best we could do was see each other on Skype–another advantage of the internet. Though it’s too late to wish you a happy Easter, I hope it went well and it past in good spirit. Cheers!

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