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The Robb Report

13 February 2009 2 Comments

Sometime after starting this blog, I was thinking of changing it from Shite I Like to The Robby Report after the greatest magazine for bosses on earth called The Robb Report. I decided against it, but either way I wanted to write a post about this incredible magazine. If you haven’t heard of it, I highly suggest you either go out and purchase the latest copy or at least check out their site by clicking here. Basically, in The Robb Report you’ll find everything from suave homes to the newest and coolest cars to the world’s finest cigars to yachts and private planes.

Why I really like the magazine though isn’t just for the glamorized Patek Philippe watches they advertise, but the motivation it gives me. Instead of reading about celebrity gossip which I find completely useless and frustrating to even care about when one dumb blonde says something about another dumb blonde, I enjoy looking at things that I don’t yet own but aim to possess. On their website they usually have these poll questions that I just crack-up laughing at sometimes. For example the current poll is “If you fly privately, which aviation model do you choose?” C’mon now, you’ve got to love it. I wish to have enough money to fly in business class one day, and they’re asking what aviation model I choose when I fly privately. To be frank, I don’t even know what an aviation model is. But anywho, The Robb Report is a great source to learn useful information and stay in touch with upper-class living.

If you’re a returning visitor, I assume you’ve noticed that I’ve made this blog more formal with my advice on Boss living and so in this post I just wanted to suggest the best magazine out there for people that want to lead a Boss lifestyle and own the best stuff out there. So when you’re picking up the Time magazine this week, get a copy of The Robb Report and get addicted. Then come back here and leave me your feedback. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with my advice. Also, if you end up taking my advice and enjoying the magazine, I also suggest you check out duPont Registry. It’s also a great mag for Boss living, but my hat still has to tilt lower to The Robb Report.


  • unfortunate names said:

    You are right on about the robb report, it’s great to help visualize the material stuff you want in life.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @unfortunate names: Thank you! In fact, I was going through a Robb Report today and realized I couldn’t even get through an entire magazine in one sitting because it got me so wound up that I couldn’t afford a single thing in whole magazine and made me wanna go out and make money in some way. It’s a mag that I need a few days just to read because it constantly makes me feel not rich enough. And let’s face it everyone can always use a little extra motivation to make money.

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