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The Videos are Up and Running

29 August 2009 No Comment

To everyone who wanted to see my adventures in Amsterdam, well some of the videos are finally up and some more are being uploaded as I type. To friends and fans (hopefully not family), go ahead and check out what I do in Amsterdam. This is only my third day and I’m pretty damn tired and not yet as drunk as I’d like to be, I walk around and show you what the city looks like. Later on I’ll show you the city at night and the city’s many attractions. I’ll try to fill you in on as much as I can, but to be honest I hate walking around in the streets with a camera, it makes me feel like the biggest tourist and like I’m baiting people in to rob me. I’ll leave off today with my YouTube Channel’s url, and by the way don’t judge me on it, I made this YouTube Channel something like 4 years back so the name is kinda stupid. Well here it is: http://www.youtube.com/robbtheruler

Feel free to subscribe. Though I’ve had this account for many years, I’ve just began to upload videos so feel free to subscribe. Cheers!

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