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The World is Yours

17 August 2009 2 Comments

You ever feel like you haven’t started to live yet? You exist, but you’re not alive. Like there’s something missing and you need to achieve something before you begin to fully live your life. Well if you’re like that then I’ll let you in on a little secret… This here is your life and if you feel like you’re not living it how you want then you need to prioritize and move in the direction of your goal.

If You’re Not Moving, You’re Dead

You Have to Earn ItWe all have responsibilities and we need to get things done. We all need to work and pay the bills and there isn’t anyone else who will fill that responsibility for us. The problem with many people I know is that they get into a single pattern of living and essentially stop moving or growing and end up in a dead end. They find themselves in a 9-5 work day (which is alright) and they keep to a cycle of work-sleep-work (which is the problem). They think about what they will do that weekend for fun, but they forget to think about what they will do in 10 years down the road. Will you still be stuck in your 9-5 job if you keep doing what you’re doing? If you don’t have goals on the side, then you better believe it that in 10 years you’ll wake up and go to that same job you go to 5 times a week now. Each time I was stuck in a job, I still had goals I would be getting accomplished on the side.The job really takes some time away from your other side projects, but you accomplish only as much as you push yourself. We look at celebrities and wealthy businessmen and think how great it must have been to be in their shoes, not realizing the struggle most of them had to go through in order to reach the position they are in. On the path to success there are no shortcuts or rest-stops. If you stop trying to get things done that will get you out of the vicious cycle of work-sleep-work, then you can dig yourself a ditch right now, because this will be the furthest you will go in life, unless of course you win the lottery–but even that is taking the initiative (though very small) to move up in the world.

My One and Only Life

Opportunity is there for all of us, all we need to do is work very hard and have a little bit of luck. Some are luckier than others and it will take less work to achieve the same things as someone who is less lucky. I, personally, have never been too lucky with fulfilling my goals without a struggle. I always accomplish everything I begin when I see better opportunities emerging in the things I am working on, but it has never come easy to me. Someone may write a book and it will blow up in a day and will be a bestseller, and someone may write a book that may blow up after their death… that’s all in the hands of luck.

Grab and Don’t Let Go

Life isn’t all glamourous. In fact, for every glamourous moment you have there is at least 50 moments of sheer frustration. In order to build an empire around your name, your business, or your product there are a million things that go into making it big before you taste any juice beginning to flow from it. “The first million is always hardest” is a great saying and it’s very true. However, it isn’t hard to lose it all, because there are millions of others who will want to be in your place once you do make it big. It may get difficult to keep hold of your fame, power, and wealth, but if the cards are played right and you remain grounded-minded then you will have one hell of fucking time enjoying your fortunate lifestyle.


  • Al said:

    I have to agree with you Robby. I often end up in my 9-5 or well.. 7-4/5 construction jobs.. this being said, I am always holding onto my goals as well as doing my best to accomplish as much of them as I can and climb towards them while working. A problem I usually find is that I get bored of working and randomlly travel which sometimes leads me to losing jobs.
    Hasn’t stopped me yet:) Have fun in Amsterdam Robby G!
    .-= Al´s last blog ..Bubble Bum, Kapri Styles Gets Anal Creampie =-.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Al: Great comment, thanks.
    I’m looking forward to having a great time in Amsterdam. I’ll be posting videos here hopefully weekly (if I don’t get too lazy) and try to keep you guys up to date and jelous for not being there with me. 😛

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