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This Shite is Impetuous List

24 December 2009 3 Comments

Today is Christmas and I wanted to do something special for all of you, because it’s not only Jesus’ b-day bash, but it’s also my 200th blog post. And so I wanted to do something I haven’t done before. I wanted to go through this tedious list of crucial information that is spread to the minds of millions (if not billions) and post the links to my top 10 favourite posts that I have written thus far. Sure, this is a little bit selfish and lazy, but overtime I’ve gotten to know many of my new readers and some came in later than others and might have missed reading some of the more important or entertaining posts. I could have picked the most popular posts, but I rather let Google bring in the traffic to those. Instead, these are the posts I had more fun writing and thought they should actually be the posts that defined my blog. Here’s the list I call, “This Shite is Impetuous”:

Leader of the Pack: the Alpha Male

Words to Live By

Fuck-Buddy vs Girlfriend

How to Find a Fuck-Buddy

5 Things to Learn from Hank Moody

What I Look for in a Girlfriend

“Connect” with Women

Keeping the Woman you Love is Harder Than you Think

How to Break-Up with Your Woman

Night Out with the Hell’s Angels

So there you have it. My favourite posts all wrapped up into one nice Christmas gift for you. I didn’t include pesonal dating questions that I answered over the months, because, well, I think those are too personal while these posts are general and fun to read and I had a great time writing.

Which one of those did you enjoy most, eh?


  • Carl said:

    Merry Christmas, Robby G! Wish all the best for your blog in 2010!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    Thank you, mate. Happy holidays to you too! I feel big things happening in 2010 for this blog. Got something up my sleeve that I’ll let everyone know about in a few months.


  • Jay Hunt said:

    My favorite gift to give during Christmas day is a fruit basket with toys and gift certificates. they can really put a smile on someone’s face::-

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