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To Smoke or Not To Smoke?

20 March 2009 6 Comments

A fellow reader asked me if I thought it was Boss to smoke cigarettes. I answered the question for him in a quick way but there’s a lot more that goes into the whole thing than just a two second answer. Today I wanted to expand my answer and give my reasoning behind it. Now first let’s start with addiction. Cigarettes are highly addictive, and we all know this. For this reason alone I’d say that cigarettes aren’t Boss to smoke. Essentially, any addiction isn’t Boss. Once something is out of your control, where you act like you need a certain substance just to get by the hour, I view as a weakness. Remember, there’s no room for weakness in a Boss. However, cigars on the other hand, are alright at times. I don’t see anything too wrong with pulling out your Zippo and flicking on a cigar once in a while. Having a cigar occasionally is definitely encouraged. Whenever you see anyone with a cigar you right away put a label of higher status on him. But also, you must know what kind of cigar you’re smoking. Don’t go and buy that cheap tasteless shite, if you’re gonna smoke a cigar on an occasion, then get yourself a proper cigar. If you can, get a Cuban. If you’re living in the U.S then get yourself something from The Robb Report.

When’s it alright to Bum a Fag?

I don’t encourage cigarettes at all because they’re very addictive, they’re bad for your health, and they make your breath stink, but there’s a time when they’re alright. When you’re with your mates and you’ve had yourself a few pints or shots and you’re feeling quite tipsy and you might have had a heavy meal with your drinks, then a cigarette can lift your spirit. It can give you that load of air you needed after that meaty meal. So on those occasions when you’ve drunk a drink or two, it feels nice to smoke a butt or two. I also find it much more difficult to get addicted to cigs that way, because the next morning when you wake up with a headache from the drinks, you might attach that dreaded feeling of a hangover to the cigarettes that were involved in the mix. Well that’s how it works on a psychological level for some people. They attach one negative thing to the next and therefore might not enjoy smoking cigarettes until they’ve had a few pints in them. The problem with smoking when you drink though arises once you start drinking a little bit too much. If it’s summertime and you haven’t got too much shite to do you might end up drinking on a daily (personal experience, of course), and if you associate drinking with smoking then it might get a little out of hand. However, if you’re like me now, someone who doesn’t drink too often (I’ve decreased my drinking substantially, I swear) then there’s nothing wrong with lighting up.

Basically, the worst thing I see about cigarettes and other substances alike is the addictive of it. So if you can control it then there’s nothing too wrong with it, but then again many believe they can control it until it’s sucked them in and they become in denial smokers. How many people have you heard say, “Oh, I’m not a smoker, see, because I don’t own my own pack.” Well, not necessarily, you, my friend, just may be a leech. And it doesn’t matter how much you tell yourself and others that you’re not a smoker because you don’t spend money on smokes, you’ve become something worse: someone that goes bumming around for smokes from other with a deathstick hanging out their mouth.


  • Crazy Oldie said:

    I hate ciggs, not to sound like a hypocrite but I blaze all day and everyday tho. I know its not a ciggerette but the long term effects are the same on the lungs. I dont think I am addicted to it, but I guess its more of the bond that I still have with my bum friends that live in my living room. I Thai box, they dont. My roommate his a career, I dont. But at the end of it, we all toke and play Xbox. Do I recommend it to others? no. Will I stop tho, probably not. lol.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Oldie: Cigarettes and chronic are way different. You can’t get physically addicted to weed. But anywho, that’s a jokes comment. I actually went to watch a Thai Boxing tournament the other week, oh man that music they play before the fight is insane!

  • Bonnie said:

    I love cigars. And I definitely think it’s incredibly sexy to see a guy smoking one. As for a cig, I must admit, at times i do find it sexy on guys, but in general it makes them taste gross so I’m not down with that.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Bonnie: Cigars are the shite. I remember when I went to Cuba with a couple of mates. Finished a pack of 25 within 2 days. I think that trip alone took away maybe ten years off my life.

  • Bikram said:

    Well…whether you should smoke or not depends upon the idea or say the camp (smoking or anti-smoking) camp you believe in. Though there are nothing called smoking or pro-smoking camp. but everyone who is anti anti-smoking camp is pro smoking…science (with its limited knowledge) says smoking kills…and who knows after 20 years a research will come and announce the benefit of consuming tobacco….So, shun logic and see what is right for you.

    For me being non-smoker is right and that is what i do…i do not smoke!

  • shisha pipe said:

    Should a man smoke cigarettes. Are cigars more Boss?

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