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Top 5 Things Not To Do At A Club

12 December 2008 4 Comments

I was watching “Keys to the VIP” the other day, a Canadian show about 2 guys competing against each other for who has better game while 4 pros watch and judge them. After watching it and laughing my arse off, I realized how so many men have almost no game. Instead of taking pointers on what to do, I took pointers on what men must not do at any time when trying to pick up a girl at a club. I couldn’t believe that those two ‘players’ were able to pass the audition process and get their faces on the tele. In my opinion, they didn’t even deserve to be let into the club, but I’m glad that the 4 judges made the right decision and didn’t allow either one of them to win the key to the VIP and instead picked “that guy” which was some random guy who held the extended mic in the studio. Cheers to him! Now I had to compile the following top 5 list because we can’t have men making those same unjustifiable mistakes.

5 – Do Not Forget Her Name

This is a simple one that a lot of guys forget to follow. If you’ve come up to a girl and started a nice conversation going, and you’ve gotten as far as even getting her name—do not forget it. Women hate when you forget their names. Keeping her name in your mind makes her feel like she’s not just 1 of the 100 that you’ve attempted at picking up tonight and she actually has some importance to you. Of course in reality you really don’t care what her name is, but to her it shows that you care enough about her to put her name and image of how she looks into your mind.

4 – Do Not Act Bored

There was a guy on the show that acted like he had somewhere else to be every time he approached a woman. It didn’t only aggrevate the woman, but it made me mad watching him. He wasn’t putting on a smooth and relaxed act, but he did just the opposite, jittery and bored at the same time. He would approach a woman, start up a convo, and would just act bored of what she’s talking about while looking around the club instead of actually making the woman feel secure and important by keeping eye-contact and prolonging the convo. Remember, do not act bored and try to keep eye-contact. I’m not talking about that creepy eye-contact where you’re staring, but eye-contact that shows you’re actually listening to what she’s saying even though it might be some bullshite with indistinguishable humour.

3 – Do Not Be the One Who Can’t Take a Hint

When a girl tells you she has a boyfriend, it always means that she wants you to leave her alone. Do not tell her something like “Oh, he doesn’t have to know.” You gotta understand one thing, it doesn’t matter if a girl is even engaged, she wouldn’t tell you that, if she actually found you attractive and interesting. So every time they tell you they have a boyfriend, that either means one of 2 things: A) She has a boyfriend who is at the club with her, or B) She doesn’t wanna talk to you. So don’t be the ‘little one that can’t take a hint’ and know when you’ve taken a loss and just move on. We’ve all struck out at some point, but you’ll never get better if you don’t learn from your mistakes and just move on.

2 – Do Not Leave at a Time of Glory

Also in the show, the same guy as mentioned above, was actually somehow miraculously succeeding in getting some numbers. Well, I guess it’s because he kept approaching girls in the ‘ugly and drunk’ category (a big no-no in the Get Women series as mentioned in this previous post). Well, the problem with the guy was that right after he would get a number, he would make the worst excuse in the world to get the hell outta dodge as quick as possible. Once you’ve gotten her number doesn’t mean that you’ve sealed the deal. Stick around and hang out with her a little, have a drink or two, and it wouldn’t kill you if you’d even ask her to dance. You’re there to have a good time, so if you’ve found a girl that’s worth your time and you’ve played it right so far, don’t leave in your prime, because your prime moment with her might come later on that night after the club.


I had to making that bolded, because that is definitely the most important one of them all. First, being desperate is when you’ve screwed up your approach, you haven’t followed-up on her hint to piss off, and you’re trying so hard to keep her around to talk to you that you end up not only the biggest chump around, but you also end up laughing at your own jokes while she looks for a pepper-spray can in her purse. Well, maybe I exaggerated just a little, but believe me when you’re desperate she’s guaranteed to at least be wishing that the security hadn’t taken her pepper-spray away from her at the door. Coming on too strong is being desperate; not leaving when you’ve been blown-off is being desperate; sticking around when you see she’s using you for drinks or amusement is being desperate; pretty much anything where you do something out of sync with that smooth character we’ve been discussing throughout my posts, just to get her to spend an extra second with you is…being…desperate. And trust me, desperate guys get desperate girls, and desperate girls are on the opposite side of the ‘top-notch women’ category.


  • AB said:

    ‘KEYS TO THE VIP’ is a good show to do exactly what you did, to see what you’re NOT supposed to do in ‘choppin’ situations.

    Good post Robby! Its funny how single minded some people are that they can’t take a hint.

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  • Kisha said:

    Great post. So true, I love number 3 that one had me laughing thinking about those guys from the club that don’t get it. Wish I could see this show your talking about.

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  • Kevin said:

    I’m going to have to agree, this is a great post. Among your other points, I’m going to have to agree that eye contact is key. Its amazing what looking directly into a girls eyes (in a non-creepy way) can do to a conversation. It displays a true level of confidence.

    However, your point about the boyfriend is not completely true. It really depends on the context and emotion of the comment. I’ve approached numerous girls who will get into a conversation and then realize what was going to happen and be like ‘oh, but I have a boyfriend’. So basically, all the signs are there, but then she suddenly thinks ‘wait I can’t do this, I have a boyfriend’ or so on. So I believe its the context of the comment that counts. If you walk about to a girl and she automatically says she has a boyfriend, then most likely you have no chance. I’ve known people to overcome that as well, but I do not mess with that.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Kevin, I appreciate the comment. In my experience with women at clubs (not including lounges), they’re usually there to get tipsy and picked up, unless of course they are there with their man already. So whenever I start coming on to one, she better expect to give up at least her number by the end of our convo, or else it’s just a waste of time if she thinks I’m there just to chat with her.

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