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Top 5 Things To Do for Valentine’s Day

4 February 2009 4 Comments

Valentine’s Day is on everyone’s minds right now as it’s ever so quickly approaching. Well, unless if you’re single of course, then you don’t give two shites about it. But if you have a ladyfriend, then you might be a bit stressed on what’s that special thing you should get for that special lady. I’ve compiled a top 5 list on things a man can do or get for his girlfriend on that special day.

Number 5 – Dog Tag

I honestly think this one is great. Get matching dog tags where on one side there’s a special quote that you both hold dear and on the other side there’s her name on your tag and your name on hers. The great thing about this is you don’t have to have too much money to do this, but than again if you do have extra cash then go right ahead and get the both of you golden dog tags. The gift isn’t as overdone as plain jewellery, yet it still is jewellery but with a special message. That serves for the gift part a lone though, the rest of the list will advise on where you’ll be able to take her out.

Number 4 – Dress Up and Be Aristocratic

Some women love the upper-class lifestyle, so why not treat her to that on Valentine’s Day. Go out, let her pick-out any dress she likes, or if she’s been eyeing a certain dress for the past few months then get that for her. Then take her out to the fanciest restaurant or an opera or musical. Really spoil her. Allow her to feel that she is greatly important for you and all that extra hours in the office you’ve been doing is in fact to treat her with such a nice evening.

Number 3  – Roses, Champaign, and a Hotel Room

Get a bottle of the bubblies, rent a hotel room, and order to have the whole bed and path from the door to the bed flaked with rose peddles. Go to a restaurant beforehand if you’d like as mentiond above, or if you’d prefer a day of relaxation than a spa would be nice, and then come to a romantic room where you can enjoy some champaign and have the remainder of the night for fun.

Number 2 – Get Away to the Great Outdoors

Since it’s cold out in many parts of the world now, it might be nice to just rent out a cottage somewhere secluded from all of society and everyone else except for the two of you for that matter. The cottadge doesn’t have to be massive or too expensive, just comfortable enough and isolated enough so no one really bothers you. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, you can go away for the entire weekend and really get closer together on all levels and respark that flare if your relationship has been on the rocks lately.

Number 1 – Fiji Would be Nice

Book an all-inclusive resort somewhere warm and romantic like Fiji or Bora Bora and enjoy a week or at least a weekend escape to the tropics. If money isn’t an issue than just go all out and rent the nicest suite in the house and have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day from which you’ll never want to return back home.


  • Jeff said:

    Good list. Thanks for the advice/ I don’t know about the Fiji trip haha but the dog tag sounds good and sentimental. In the word of Jeezy: “It’s a recession, everybody broke.”

  • Kisha said:

    Since I hate this day I wish I had something nice but I will say this, the dogs tags are something that I would totally like.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @ Jeff: Nice quote mate!

    @Kisha: The dog tag idea is one of my favourite. It’s inexpensive and says what you really feel. Thanks for the comment Kisha. Still waiting on our drinking date lol 🙂

  • Crazy Oldie said:

    dip the pen in the company ink on Valentines Day! That is the plan, no girl wants to be alone and for a single guy, its gonna be like shooting fish in a barrel…pow chika pow wow!!

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