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Topic of Discussion: Women

21 November 2008 2 Comments

Now I’ve been thinking about writing an article about women as some– well, shite I like, but as I began writing, I saw that there was too much to write about them. So instead of writing a single post, I’ve decided to expand it into a weekly series. And I’m not going to just talk about why I like them, because I’m assuming it’s pretty obvious, but instead I’m gonna write about ways to go about getting women and how to handle problems that may arise once you’ve gotten them. Now this is gonna go in the Shite I Like Most category of course, and I hope you enjoy what I’ve got to say about the set of articles I’ll be pumping out every Friday, as a side thing from my usual schedule, which I will still be posting on various shites I like. Now without further adu, please click here to enjoy my first post about getting women. Click here to continue.


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