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UFC 100 Went As Predicted

12 July 2009 One Comment

brock lesnar, mma, ufc 100, lesnarI’m sure that all you men out there went out and watched UFC 100. I’m a big fan of MMA (mixed martial arts) fought in any league whether it be Affliction, UFC, Pride, Bodog, or anything else, and Saturday July 11th was a battle many were waiting for. The machine of a man Brock Lesnar who is the current UFC heavyweight champion came to the octagon against Frank Mir, a monster of a man (just not as big as Brock, but who is?) to try and defeat Brock once again and take the belt, but instead of taking the belt, he took a fury of face shots from the former WWE wrestler. I watched the bout in a pub and just my luck, in the last twenty seconds of the fight the Pay Per View connection got distorted and everyone went crazy, not knowing what’s going on. When the men came back on screen, Mir was in his corner, and Brock was just pushing random people around. No one at the pub knew if it was over or if only the round was complete. But by having the camera zoom closer on Mir’s face I could see this guy wasn’t going back out there. His face was as brutalized as my mate’s face was after he got jumped and stomped by five guys. But then again, Brock is equivalent to twenty-five men, so there’s no surprise that Frank Mir’s face looked distorted. The replay sorted everything out though. What an intense battle.

But that wasn’t my favourite bout of the evening– Well, at least from what I got to see of it. Captain America Dan Henderson VS the Brit Michael Bisping was incredible. Henderson, the thirty-eight year old Middleweight fighter landed the nicest right hand punch I’ve ever seen inside the octagon. Then to finish the knocked out Bisping off, he flew at him on the ground with his entire weight, connecting him with his forearm straight into Bisping’s jaw. What a finish that was! Only thing missing was Smokey from “Friday” running out, bending over Bisping and screaming “Daaaamn! You got knocked the fuck out!” That would’ve made my week.

Oh, and as for the George St. Pierre VS Thiago Alves fight? Well, you know how that goes. Alves tried GSP’s Superman punch on him, fucked it up, and got punished for it. Went into decision and GSP obviously took it. It wasn’t too obvious, but one of my friends really hates GSP so I gotta make Alves look as bad as possible. Overall though GSP did have amazing take-downs and was on top of his game. He fought smart and didn’t rock it out with Alves on his feet because that’s where he knew Alves might have had a chance. So the ground game was the best tactic for him and he was on top throughout the entire fight but once. And he ended up going home with the same title he walked in with. Except now he put his name in the history books as being what may be the best pound-for-pound contender in the world.

Let me know if you saw the fights and what you thought about them. Stay thirsty my friends.

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