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Update On My Travels

15 October 2009 2 Comments

It’s been a crazy month and a half and I’d like to take some time to say what’s been happening with my blog, with my life, with my travels, studies, etc. First, I’d like to say that I thank everyone who asked me for advice on dating and relationships and that if I haven’t published the posts yet then they’re coming shortly. I’m a little back-up on them and it seems like I receive a new question every other day.

What Is Up, Amsterdam?!

I haven’t been taking it easy in Amsterdam at all yet. I’ve been going out, partying, drinking, meeting new people, and not really hitting the books. This type of lifestyle landed me in the hospital with some stomach problems and forced me to stop drinking beer and watching what I eat. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a green light concerning Jaggerbombs and Cran-Vodkas. Besides the infrequent stomach problems, life cannot get better. My going out, partying, and meeting new people hasn’t let me down to grow my expertise with women and maybe some stories will be shared later in the year. But anywho, that’s so far what’s up in Amsterdam. Oh, and I had my brother come in from Canada last weekend and we ended up getting trashed and stumbling into a Don Diablo performance at a club with a bunch of women we met at a pub. It’ll be a weekend to remember for him, that’s for sure.

What’s Happening With The Blogging Shite?

This blog is getting bigger by the day and I’m really proud that I haven’t aborted it. Instead, in fact, I’ve been posting more than ever before. I constantly have new ideas for posts an sometimes don’t even have the time to write them because new dating questions keep flowing in and they become my main concern. Thankfully, I found time to squeeze this update in today. It’s been growing steadily, I’m receiving guest posts every so often, I’m receiving new sponsors and product samples for review, and more and more people are asking me to send them a free copy of my published book. So I’m happy to say things are looking up and you shouldn’t expect this blog to go under anytime soon. All I did recently was broaden my knowledge from just giving advice to strictly men to women as well, because I noticed a lot of women were interested to learn some of my knowledge on dating as well.

Go Out and Travel

I have an exam next week, and then I’ll have a few days off so I went ahead and booked me a few flights. The day after my exam on October 21st, I’ll be out of Amsterdam and down in Vienna for one day and one night. Then from Vienna I’ll be making my way to Moscow by plane for 4 days, from where I’ll be flying back to Amsterdam. I’ll try to have some posts published during that time as well and I’m hoping to take my video camera and make some new videos. So this week it’s all about studying, but next week I’ll have a killer time.

That’s all I wanted to share for now in this update. Wish you all a great time and drop by again soon.


  • Mike Masters said:

    Very cool Robby, I am currently on my own travels.
    So what are you studying? Dutch?
    I am hoping to move to China in the next few months to study Chinese and I am always interested to see how other people acquire languages.
    .-= Mike Masters´s last blog ..The fastest way to drive a man away – The evil cling-on =-.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Mike: I’m not studying Dutch, just taking English courses in Amsterdam. Moving to China to study? Damn that’ll be a new experience. I’m not a big language buff, English seems to work well enough for me with the ladies so I don’t see a point to learn a new one. 😛 Overall, traveling is an amazing experience and I advise anyone with the time and money (don’t even need too much) to get out and see the world. It changes you completely and life seems just a lot brighter.

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