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Violent Talk Shows

8 January 2009 4 Comments

I love it when I see people watching Jerry Springer and say, “Oh what a disgusting show. I can’t believe people like this exist.” Yet they never change the channel. They keep watching because it’s entertaining as fucked. C’mon now, how can it not be, there’s these low-lives smashing each other with chairs and getting nude for a free keychain. Everyone knows Steve from The Springer Show, but now the big badmon has a new show of his own where he teaches kids how to behave. It’s not as fun as watching pregnant transsexuals getting tackled by overweight shirtless rednecks, but still a pretty in-decent show. There are also people saying that that shite is planned and all, that it’s impossible for there to be that many fucked-up people in the States that are willing to come on the show just to beat up their midget brother for getting with his wife. In all honesty, I don’t give a fuck if it’s real or not, because I don’t really watch it to see how the story might get resolved and if they will have happy little ending at the end of it all, I’m watching it to see some girl get her head punched in by her boyfriend’s-sister’s-bestfriend’s cousin. Now I was watching this other Russian show that’s an exact copy of the Springer show, but with less Hillbillies, and many thought it was fake too. However, I wanted to show you that it ain’t that fake. And if this show is real, then The Springer Show must be real too. Why? Because it just seems logical.

Violent talk shows are fun to watch. Also, I’ve seen many interviews gone wrong where the two people would be debating over something and it would get out of hand and violent, however what surprises me most is how the world-wide known Ali G or his other alias Borat or his third alias Bruno make fun of powerful and sometimes dangerous people in his interviews and none of them turn into brawls. But then again, his interviews are as funny as hell as they are without the violence, so there isn’t even any need for the violence.

Cheers and enjoy the video mates!


  • Liza said:

    I have seen that video before. It’s crazy russian talk show. I rememeber i used to watch it on russian channel all the time

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  • Shawn said:

    Good post and thanks for the video! I agree about Steve’s new show. Springer show is much more entertaining.

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  • condle said:

    Wow what a talk show! lol! amazing initial kick to the bride lol

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  • Armenui said:

    Show Okna…sounds a little bit strange in English “Windows” LOL…i remember this show…but it was not real… it was entertaining and it WAS SHOW, like many others. Sometimes i watched it and only cause of Dmitriy Nagiev.

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