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Walk Into a Room and Own it

13 December 2009 4 Comments

77/365, you're never fully dressed without a smile!
You’ve seen those people everywhere. They come into the room and they leave an impression on everyone before even opening their mouths. Their presence alone is enough to capture, intrigue, and make people feel some sort of attraction to them. It’s not in their looks or their attitude, it’s in the way they present themselves. It is said that more than 50% of a first impression is made before the person even begins talking to them. And a person has only 10 seconds to make a first impression. What’s their secret? There are three traits that these type of people possess that they practise, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that lures people towards them.

Make Your Presence Known

It was proven that when a person wins something, there is an automatic adjustment made to their posture. It is motivated by pride and it consists of a roll back of the shoulders, a slight perking of the chest, and notching up of the chin. And if you walk into a room with that winner look, it creates an atmosphere of confidence and important around you. This has a strong impact on how people perceive you before even beginning to speak to you. People like to surround themselves around successful people, and if you put on a winner’s look then you are already a step closer to making a dominant presence.

 Smile Like You Mean It

A smile can have a strong impact on peoples’ moods. When someone speaks to you, they want you to listen, and a smile at the right time of the conversation can make all the difference to them. Unless the person is telling a funny story, smiling throughout the entire conversation can make them think that you are just pretending to listen rather than genuinely being interested. However, a growing smile released at the right time in the conversation makes the person appreciative of you. They instantly see that you are a nice person and they enjoy speaking to you. And if you can master putting enthusiasm into your eyes when you smile, then it makes all the difference. The eyes, as I will explain, can act like an aphrodisiac and can be used in a powerful way.

Aphrodisiac Eyes

When you are in a conversation with someone, looking into their eyes throughout the entire time may be the most powerful way to make an impression. It portrays that you have confidence and are interested enough to follow what the other person is saying by listening with both your ears and eyes. The only downside of this is to the fellas, because after a science test, it was proven that when a man peers into another man’s eyes without looking away every so often for a second or two, then it stirs up one of three emotions in the other man: fear, anger, or homophobia. However, when women speak to other women or men, or when men speak to women, then there is a vibe of attentiveness and a feeling of attractiveness that is passed on which makes the situation feel more personal that it may actually be. This proves to be successful to creating a strong presence.

In conclusion, the next time you go want to walk into a room and own it, fix that posture to make yourself look like a confident winner, smile like you mean it at the appropriate times, and constantly look into the other person’s eyes when speaking to them unless it’s a man to man convo.


  • Ashley Landis said:

    That’s so true. All of my girlfriends and I almost swoon over confident guys.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Ashley Landis: Thanks for confirming my post. Small things can really play a big part in attracting someone.

  • Cynthia said:

    A person’s posture when they walk into a room can work wonders. The way they sit and carry themselves right away shows how important they are. This is a very useful post.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Cynthia: You’re absolutely right! Posture can certainly show how important they are, and it also can show how much self-respect one possesses. Because if you don’t respect yourself, it’s hard for others to respect you. Thanks for the comment.

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