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Warning! Be Prepared When Hooking-Up with a Taken Woman

2 December 2011 2 Comments

hi there robby. i really need your help on a woman. I’m BEGGIN lol!!
i like her, and she likes me BUT she has a BF!
we met online and became close. I was there for her when her life was hard (i
did some smooth talking here)
I met up with her and on the 1st “date” I jumped into bed with
her and we DID it ALL except sex, we both kinda stopped because her parents would be
home soon!!!

We both declared our love for each other and I could tell we meant it.
But she has been with her man for a year and they really like each other and she’s
basically at the point of choosing. How do I make her choose me?? please help
’cause i love her!

I have to give a warning before I give my advice, because I’ve been in this similar situation many times before and know what you should expect and how you should approach this situation. First, ask yourself this: Can you really trust that she won’t cheat on you if you do get into a relationship with her, because she has already cheated in her past to be with you? People who have cheated in the past are much more liable to cheat again in the future, it’s something of a thrill for them rather than just a loss of love for their partner.

I personally make it a rule for myself to never get attached to a girl who I hook-up with that cheated on her partner to be with me. But of course, there’s always an exception to the rule, but that is something you have to decide for yourself because I know the strength of love or even lust usually surpasses the rational mind.

Now if you’re okay with becoming more than just fuck-friends with her and beginning a formal relationship, then here are some ways you can make sure that she chooses you over her current boyfriend.

Don’t Let Sex Get in the Way of Things

Once you do sleep with her, do not let it strain the relationship you have with her. Sex is a subject that isn’t put enough weight on and has become something that everyone finds a norm without realizing the sort of repercussions it has on a couple. It certainly complicated things by creating an intimate bond between the two partners who do share some sort of feelings for each other. This isn’t a bad thing, but it is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. She will expect more from you once you two have sex, and that means she will probably want emotional support and treat her as someone who is an important part of your life. And you have to deliver if you’re looking to become her boyfriend. Many relationships end because the man doesn’t show enough interest, and once you have sex it should encourage you to become more caring for her rather than becoming distant.

Her Boyfriend’s a Thing of the Past

When you’re hanging out with her, do not bring up her boyfriend and change the subject if she begins talking about him, unless of course she is trash talking him. If she’s bashing him, then don’t get too involved and start adding things to make him sound like a terrible guy. Simply agree, then crack some jokes and go on with your date. When a girl bashes her boyfriend in front of her lover then it is often that a guy decides to jump on board and trash talk the boyfriend as well. This is wrong, because the woman tends to get defensive for her boyfriend even though she was the one to start the trash talk. Also, if she’s the one to bring up her boyfriend often, just tell her you’re not interested in hearing about him and you just want her to have fun with you.

Don’t pressure her to break up since that will only make you seem demanding and impatient with her. If you want her to break up with her boyfriend without seeming demanding, then the following is the approach to take.

You Won’t be Around Forever

Show your self-worth to her by not being that guy who she always runs to when she has a fight with her boyfriend, and once they make up, everything goes back to how it was: her in her boyfriend’s arms, and you waiting on the sidelines. Act caring and affectionate, but also show her that if she wants to be with her boyfriend then you’re not one to just stick to a taken girl but you will go out and attract other women as well. If she’s not interested in making changes to her way of life with her boyfriend, then you’re not one to compromise your own interest either. Do not be too direct about it, but hint at the fact that you’re still going out without her and still meeting other women. This will make you look more untamed and independent, which is something women find attractive. Basically, you will not fold to her needs if she isn’t down to make compromises herself, that mainly being leaving her boyfriend.

First and foremost you are your own man and even though she may want things one way, you are a person who does things his own way. Just make sure not to over do this and seem cold. There is a balance you must yourself find and play on it enough that she realizes that you care for her, but you still are a man who isn’t dependent on her to make you happy.

The Takeover

You have to ask yourself what you bring to the table that her boyfriend lacks. In most cases what the boyfriend lacks is showing enough interest in her or just plainly being not exciting and fun enough. You have to figure this out on your own and then play on that. Portray to her that if she gets on board with you then your relationship will always be exciting and the fire will not burn out like it has with her current boyfriend. Avoid arguments at all cost just because you’re not even in a relationship yet and there’s nothing stopping her from realizing that you may be a mistake for her and that she loves her boyfriend and he’s the only one for her. It is thin ice between being on best terms with her and being on her bad side, so you must walk a tightrope before you completely take over and become her boyfriend. Express interest and make her see that you are a better candidate for her than her boyfriend.

If you follow these suggestions then you’ll be the one she’ll be calling her boyfriend in no time. You must be prepared to deliver and know that the excitement that you feel now having fun with a taken girl will evolve to a different form of excitement.


  • lance said:

    sex can ruin things in many instances but they bond people as well. If the sex is good, she’ll be really into you and if it’s better than what it is like with her boyfriend then you shouldn’t worry. I like the caution that Robby mentions, because its true that often times if the girl cheats to be with you, she may cheat on you too. Or if not, then you will always be questioning yourself that she might be.

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