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Ways to Stay Grounded

26 June 2009 5 Comments

grounded manI was recently watching a TedTalk on Youtube about success being a continuous journey instead of a single path from the bottom to the top. I agreed with this completely and loved the entire speech Richard gave. However, I wanted to add something to it, which I found to be important and helpful for people on their journey of success. What I wanted to talk about it being grounded. Now what exactly does being grounded mean? Well, many people have their own definition of the term, but in my opinion I see it as “Being in the now with a clear focus on what you want and with an idea of how to go upon accomplishing it.” Many people talk about ‘being in the now’ and that living in the present is how we should all live. Leaving the past in the past and forgeting about the future and simply living in the moment. Honestly, it sounded pretty easy to me and so I tried it. The worst thing in the world happened. I began analyzing every moment I was living. This made me totally opposite of what I wanted. Instead of being grounded, I became an over-analytical philosopher you may say. I would try to enjoy the moment but while enjoying it I would begin to assess what’s so enjoyable about it and would try to capture the moment, which turned out to be impossible because time obviously can’t be frozen. So I don’t advice analyzing the moment and trying to understand why and how living in the now is achieved. Just the opposite, you must completely absolve the very notion of the direct present and instead focus your attention on the near future.

Plan Your Day

What will I do today? How will I do it? When will it be started and when wil it be done? You ask yourself those questions and you begin your day doing those very things you set out to accomplish that morning. I usually ask myself those questions while I’m in the shower in the morning. For some reason I can think most clearly in the shower. So first thing first, make sure to plan what you will be doing that day. Try not to think of weeks ahead, but concentrated only on the tasks you need to do that day, otherwise it may get frantic and you’ll end up thinking more about what you have to do rather than doing it. This brings me to my next point.

Don’t Over-Think/Over-Analyze/Over-Indulge in Thought

Try to keep your mind as empty as possible, focused mainly on what you set out to accomplish that morning. Go ahead with your day doing those tasks one by one. This way you don’t get exhausted or anxious. This way you keep yourself in check, knowing what you have completed and what you still need to complete. Make sure to constantly be in action, because when you’re doing the task, you’re focused on doing it rather than thinking about doing it. Your mind is analyzing the process rather than over-analyzing the procedures.

Take a Physical Break

I noticed that when I take a break, I end up taking not only a physical break but a mental break as well and this is when my mind starts wandering off and it becomes really hard to get back on track and continue with my scheduled tasks for the day. You can say I easily get carried away with stuff that are more fun than what I should be accomplishing that day and that’s when I end up wasting the entire day. So that’s why I mention here that I suggest just a physical break and not a mental one. Keep thinking about what you need to do and how you’re going to do it and make sure not to get carried away when something more interesting comes along.

These steps keep me grounded and allow me to accomplish my daily tasks, constantly bringing me closer to my final dream which may be years away.


  • Ishan said:

    Planning and then over-thinking is the biggest crime that most of us do(I end up doing this almost every second day and it hurts my blog’s promotion!)

    These tips will surely help me to make sure I work on what I should.

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  • Debra said:

    I love TedTalks on YouTube, they’ve taught me so much. By the way, taking a mental break and having your attention go into another direction really breaks the rythm and it’s crucial to constantly think on topic of what you need accomplished.
    This should help me in my daily activities. Thanks for the advice.

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  • Joey said:

    I always think in the shower too hehe. Best place to form ideas and begin your day. Then it’s hitting up a coffee shop and starting a fully productive day.

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  • Mark said:

    Too much analysis defo leads to paralysis – good tip!

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  • Reuben Bishop said:

    Thanks for this tutorial and btw really nice blog!

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