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15 April 2009 14 Comments

In a previous post entitled Fuck Buddy vs Girlfriend, I weighed the pros and cons of having both and even though I personally would rather have a Fuck Buddy at this point in my life than a Girlfriend, I decided to take a poll to see how my readers felt on the subject. The results follow.


So out of the 145 people that voted, 87 (or 60%) of them chose that they would rather have a Girlfriend as opposed to a Fuck Buddy. Now when I asked Richard La Ruina (the dating expert from PUAtraining.com) why he believed people would rather have a girlfriend than a fuck buddy, he said:

“A fuck buddy is just sex.  Most people want a relationship, they like romance something of lasting value.  If a girl is only good enough to be an FB, then she can’t really do much for you so it won’t be a fulfilling experience.”

Now I wanted to ask your opinions. Which of the two do you prefer and why? Please answer in the comment section.



  • morpheusmirror said:

    A FB is a great stop gap for getting some consistent. You both know what to expect and sometimes you may end up liking the chick more since both of you can be real about who you are instead of the normal checking out the future value game. However, with that said, both you and your FB must be straight up about things in the very beginning and what actions you are willing to do just in case the emotions pop up.
    FB are fun but you need to keep it real.


  • kisha said:

    I agree with morpheusmirror, as you as you are up front from the beginning there should be no problems. I’ve been both and there are times when I just wanted him around for the sex.

  • Kaiser said:

    I would choose FB over girlfriend any day now. I have been burned so much lately just because these girls go for only my money that i don’t even want to deal with them. I don’t want to start ‘using’ girls for just sex but it seems to be the only way out now.

  • Tony said:

    I know where you’recoming from Kaiser. It’s like all the girls around are just after rich guys, and once you have money then they’re just using you. They all say they want love but the second they see money their desires change to wanting lobster dinners and diamonds.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Kaiser and Tony: There are ways to find women that don’t just care about money. Money might be nice to them but if you play it right they will choose love over money. If you’dlike you can contact me with a dating question and I’ll be happy to answer anything you need to know on the topic.

  • keith d said:

    I agree with richard, girlfriends give men emotional support and since i’m a guy with a gf I can say I sometimes get jealous of friends who just fuck around with girls but I think at the end of the day i’m happier than my friends.

  • dellio said:

    @keith I have to disagree with because unless you’re a an age when you’re ready to get married I think having a gf is pointless. I don’t know your age but I’m assuming you’re still not thinking about marriage. My advice to guys is to lay as much girls as possible while you’re still young because once you’re married you’ll really regret not doing so. Good luck guys.

  • ben said:

    @dellio: as long as they remember to wear a condom 🙂

  • Karlstadunix said:

    wow, glad for the results, i voted for girlfriend 🙂

  • Ben N Texas said:

    For me, my situation if totally different that most. I am the older guy ( 64) widowed and a younger lady (45 yr old hard body) moved next door and she has stayed here with her 9yr old son while work is done on her place to make it livable. I have been as friendly as possible and have not approached her, but we have had some frank discussions with out her son around. I “think” I am reading her right, that once her situation settles some she would be receptive to a FB experience, with care so her son doesn’t know.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

  • Jason said:

    I’m 24 and a male. I’ve never had a FB, but have had a lot of girlfriends. Some of those relationships were short enough and sexually involved in a way to have just as well met FB requirements. What’s the difference between a FB and a girlfriend, really? The only difference I see is whether or not you can still f*ck other people. If that’s the only difference, then its easy to see which a person would prefer, right? If you’re only in it for one person, girlfriend. If you want to f*ck as many people as you can, FB. I can’t see voting either way because sometimes, I’m a jealous person and don’t want to share with other people. Then again, other times I see lots of women I’d like to f*ck and wish my as* off that I was single at that moment in time. I agree with Dellio, If you’re not seriously thinking about marriage and a family then go out and get all the tail you can while the getting’s good. Although, that feeling of still wanting that sexy woman down the isle at the supermarket is never going away.

  • Matt said:

    FB or girlfriend? Well they both have their pros and cons. With girlfriends, the sex is going to eventually get boring and dull but you can’t just go out and cheat on her because you are in an unwritten contract with her that keeps you from meeting your sexual desire even if its just for a fling. With FB’s, if you get bored with the sex, you can go out and get some new pussy and not feel guilty about anything. I prefer girlfriends though.

  • Hans said:

    FB hands down! When things get boring its time to move on.

  • ali said:

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