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What I Learnt in Amsterdam

21 November 2009 5 Comments

1. Outgoing is the Way to Go

I have become much more outgoing about everything. I don’t know if it’s the weed or what, but I really am indifferent to a lot of things. I see guys trying to start fights as jokes. They look like they have issues with themselves and try to take it out on people. It’s fun to fight for the sake of fighting, but acting all angry and finding people to fight is just a joke. But besides fighting, I also learnt that it doesn’t matter at all what people think about you. Keep doing what you want and in the end all that matters is the story you can tell about it.

2. I Can Drink in the Morning

“Call it what you wanna call it…” – Xzibit. When I used to have a hangover, I usually let it pass naturally and would throw up at the sight of vodka. Now, I can sit back and kick it with more liquor. All that’s important is that you don’t have anything important to do that day. A few beers always help me get over the hangover, anyways. But even if I don’t have a hangover, it’s quite nice to have some soft drink (beer or wine) during breakfast. I also found out that basing on Dutch health system it is impossible to be classified as an alcoholic if you are a university student. They categorize alcoholics as individuals who have 20 or more alcoholic beverages per week, but those rules don’t apply to students… I guess because of all the stress that’s been put on us. Cheers.

3. Hip Hop is Dead… but I’m Cool with it

Nas said it, and I hated that he was right. But now I realized that yes, hip-hop is dead, and yes, it doesn’t really matter. I used to always listen to old-school rap from NWA to Wu-Tang to Mobb Deep to Em. I couldn’t stand new shit, but now I’ve diversified, enjoying different songs from different artists. Drake and Soldja-Boy need to lay low though.

4. If Little Mikey Can Go, Then Non of Us are Invinsible

Jackson is dead and gone and many people cried. This next drink goes out to him.

5. Men with Beard Share Something in Common

…well obviously besides having beards. From Karl Marx to Walt Whitman to Dostoevsky there is something special about beard. I think it represents all that the corporate world hates. My beard isn’t fully complete, but I believe it brings out something that connects peoplet to nature that greedy capitalists just won’t understand. But everyone I’ve known who has a beard has some sort of philosophy and ideals behind it all that doesn’t conform to social norms.

6. Don’t Go Sober to RLD

The Red Light District on weekends is meant for drunk and high people. I’ve been there sober and it’s a horrid sight. It’s like being at a fun house from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but you cannot grasp the concept of people’s lives. But once you drink and smoke and get onto their level, you understand much more than you bargained for. And it’s probably the most welcoming place on this planet for people who do not want to endure the harsh realities of life.

7. Semi-Autobiographies are Great

I began to write a semi-autobiographical account of my time in Amsterdam in book format and it’s been a great experience. Much better than writing fiction. Real life stories can really create some interesting tales that beat out bullshit that comes out of the creative, vivid imagination of a drunkard. “Filth on my Shoe” is the title and it should be ready in 4 months time. The inspirational writer’s craft process is in the works.


  • Boss said:

    so when you come back to t.dot ur gonna unleash this new Robby G on the citizenry.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Boss: Most definitely. I gotta survive another 8-9 months longer here, but then I can’t imagine going back to t-dot. It’s gonna be hard getting back to the routine of work, school, and lack of places to go out to.

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  • Adam Garratt said:

    I would love to go to amsterdam, I have had many mates go there and they all raved about it. I have started to grow a beard, well I say beard more like designer stubble lol, my missus would go nuts if I looked like Brian Blessed, she loves the stubble though and the best thing I don’t get ask for i.d when I buy booze! yay! success haha
    .-= Adam Garratt´s last blog ..Gemma Atkinson =-.

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  • June Hardy said:

    Great Blog. How did you find out so much about this… you have really done your research well.

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  • Fabio said:

    About the beard, the reason rasta’s grow their hair and beard is it is an extension of your living being .

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