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What’s the Worst that can Happen?

3 September 2011 One Comment

I am in a big dilemma with a man that I work with, in fact he is my manager
who is also 10 years my senior and I am 21. I guess to sum it up I will say
that over the past year we have been working together, he has really put his
guard down to me because the chemistry between us is off the charts! and I
also have learned to bring him out of his formal, proper persona that he has
at work. This guy has shown and done many things that have struck me like
lightning that DING he has fallen for me: He always tells me to be open with
him and vice versa and encourages me to talk about my life,

our co workers always tell us we act like an old married couple because we
tease each other and flirt so much, and finally he has gotten to the point where he has told me that he gets
jealous when I talk about other “potential interests” …Good thing about
this is this man literally sweeps me off my feet.

Now the problem:
One night recently, after work we both decide to stay behind and smoke a few
cigarettes with each other and just chill outside in the parking lot. We
talked for about an hour and a half, when he finally asks me to go to a
winery with him. I accepted because
A) I am quitting my job
B)I like him
C)I like him

Now the question finally, =) is I am really bummed out because he has a
girlfriend who he has been with for a year and have known each other for 6
yrs,both live together. Should I just take the risk and have a potentially
passionate romance or should I run, and far away?

This is an extremely personal dilemma, I must say, because I personally cannot tell you whether you should get into the middle of a relationship and potentially ruin it by following your emotions, or if you should back off and play the “what’s right” card. But what I CAN do is tell you what I personally would do, and that is take him up on the invitation and have yourself a good time. This is simply a question of values. And if you value looking ahead in life and doing the right thing, then it’s probably not in you to get into this unknown situation with your eyes closed and hope for the best. But if you value getting into situations that do not always turn out how you expect, then it’s probably best to see where this whole thing goes. To be fair, he is inviting YOU, so you are obviously not barging in or getting involved where you’re not wanted. You say you like him and plus you’re quitting the job, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem there. The fact that he’s got a girlfriend, sure, it poses as a slight issue, but just talk to him about it on the day you’re out with him and see what his feelings are towards her and what direction his current relationship is heading.

I’ve personally always followed the most interesting route rather than the safe one, and if it’s done with a little bit of caution and responsibility, then it should all be good fun. You should weigh your options and think what’s the worst that can happen if you DO get involved with this man. He is older, yes, and it probably will not end with you two staying together forever, but that could be a great experience and make you much wiser for the future. I say live in the moment and go for it, just do it on a straight head and don’t expect the world so if something doesn’t work out, you will be prepared. Go forward and see where it takes you, plus you’ll get to taste some good wine in the meanwhile.

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  • Ronnie said:

    Thank you so much, this really helped out a lot! infact, I have to say I needed that kind of encouragement because I wanted to do the risky rather than the not. Thanks again =)

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