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When Do You Know You’re in Love?

1 September 2009 6 Comments

People are always questioning themselves about love and relationships, and though we’re all searching for that one suitable other for us to say we love (unless you’ve already found them) we really don’t have too much to go by to make our decision whether that girl/guy is the one you genuinely love. And when you ask someone who is in love, “How do I know if I’m in love?” they typically say, “You’ll just know.” Even though I know what that means, some people may still be questioning it, and I’ve decided to write out the symptoms or consequences of finding someone you may think you love. But first I’d like to say that lust or affection may sometimes deceit you into believing that you’re in love with your partner when you’re just feeling affection for them. Also, in this post, I won’t be talking about loving someone you are not in a relationship with, meaning that I strongly disbelief that you can love someone without being with them and having an actual relationship rather than just see them and talk to them for a few minutes within a week, fantasizing your future together. When there’s room to fantasize about the one you claim to “love”, that falls under the “affection” category, because if you don’t know too much about that person then they can be completely different than what you imagine them to be and you end up only judging them based on looks or general first impression. Questioning when you love someone should come only after a few months into the relationship, not on the first date. Getting to know the person is the very first thing I would suggest, and once you are in a situation where you think this person may just be the perfect one for you, that’s when you should come back and read this post. And then that’s when the following points may come into use to judge whether or not you’re truly in love or if she/he is another fling of affection.

  • You literally cannot wait to see them and it feels like your day only starts once you see them.
  • The entire time you’re apart for stretched amounts of time, you feel somewhat anxious and unsatisfied with anything you do, but once you are united again, you feel like you’re finally alive again and can breathe normally.
  • When you’re sleeping with her, you’re not just fucking her for the sake of your own satisfaction, but you’re actually making love. You want her to be satisfied with it rather than when you’re just sleeping with a random girl for the sake of having a good time.
  • For me the way I know if it’s more than just affection is that after I sleep with them I sincerely want to stay around and still be with her rather than just wanting to get out of there as soon as possible to go on with my day.
  • You feel like you have known the person for the longest time and they’re the only person you’d ever need.
  • You talk about them to everyone and can’t believe how lucky you are.
  • You’re happy to wake up in the morning, thinking about how great life is.

Overall, you’re real happy to be alive and you don’t want things to ever change. Though some of you out there may say, “What the hell is Robby G talking about love here for? Tell me how to be better at chopping girls,” but the fact is it’s hopefully something each person goes through in their lifetime and it really ends up changing you and the way you view the entire dating game. There’s time for just going around having fun and there are times when you want to be with one partner, they both have their appeal, but knowing whether your partner is just another fling or if they are the one makes all the difference.


  • Ontario said:

    I knew I was in love when all I could think about was my guy. And when I’d think of him my tummy would get butterflies!

    Oh sweet love

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Ontario: Yep, that’s love for ya. Great feeling, especially when it’s double-sided.

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  • Alec said:

    The “you’ll just know” is a typical answer and I think I’ve always answered like that. It’s difficult to describe the “symptoms” but I think your 7 are very true. Making love and not just fucking may be the decisive clue.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Alec: Thanks. It was very hard to describe the exact “symptoms” but I tried to narrow it down to the broad ones that really make the difference between having fun and being in love. Once you make love with your partner you really get that instant attraction you have never felt with any other sexual partner.

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  • Online Dating Product Review|Free Online Dating Guide For Men said:

    Really, great post…when do you know when you fall in love?? I’m passing through that phase…I know it.

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  • Leather Jackets said:

    This is a nice post for those who are new n Love….

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