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When’s the Time to Move in Together?

29 July 2011 No Comment

The right time to move in with a girl can vary depending on the type of person you are and how things have been going in the relationship. I personally would only move in if I was seriously considering marrying the woman and then to test how family life would feel with her, I would see if she was interested in moving in before I’d ask her to be my bride. Now, there are times however, that you may feel like you’d like to feel closer to a woman and to simply spend more time with her. Before I would decide to move in with her, I would take a couple of precautions. What usually happens when you move in with a woman is that you will have to change somethings about your lifestyle. For instance, you will have to be much more considerate about grocery shopping, the cleanliness of the place, sleeping habits, and everything else that comes with living with another person. So my advice, and I cannot stress this enough, is before you move all of your stuff in and start calling each others’ things “our” rather than “my” you must try to sleep over for a few days and spend time together as if you were moved in. If she doesn’t have her own place then have her stay at your place for a few nights. That way you will get a much better conceptualization of how things would be if she was there constantly. I’ve had an instance where a girlfriend stayed at my place for a few days and though neither of us were thinking about moving in together, I started to understand how it would feel if she did move in. Things that I never paid attention to before about her and her actions, I began paying much more attention to. I’m the type who likes to be more independent and not have to be very considerate of others especially when I have lots of work to get done, and if your home is your sanctuary, as it is for most, it might become a little more difficult to get keep the same vibe going if there is someone who is constantly there. I am not discrediting the notion of having a girl live with you, it’s just it makes things more difficult when you need some time for yourself.

You must really love the woman before you decide to move in because sometimes when you are dating someone, though it is great to spend time with her, you may enjoy being away from her to get the feel like you miss her. If, however, she is living with you, that level of appreciation is lost. It is a big step in life and shouldn’t be done at the spur of the moment. And though you will always have some doubts about moving in, think about it as a positive thing rather than some kind of chore.

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